Should Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Debate Before the CA Primary?

  • Bertie Williams - 4 years ago

    Bernie will eipe the floor woth Donald Trumos hair.

  • Mike - 4 years ago

    This will go down in history as the biggest political blunder that any candidate has ever made......and Trump and Clinton have made the mistake together.
    Clinton for renigging, and Trump for accepting. They may just have well as conceded victory to Sanders and handed him the keys to the White House. Lol!
    Sanders will peel the skin off of Trumps face.

  • Max - 4 years ago

    So your saying FOX MSNBC OR CNN is UNBIASED?? Your smoking some serious shit. Give your fucking head a shake.

  • Dane Alaska - 4 years ago

    Sanders and Trump should debate live online so anyone could watch and so the media cannot profit from it. Also should be limited to just Sanders and Trump since Clinton decided not honor the agreement to debate Sanders in CA

  • The oh so fabulous - 4 years ago

    I hope hey don't accept the young Turks. While they are very successful and have a mass following, they are also heavily left winged and not suited to mediate an unbiased debate.

  • Hilary Holden - 4 years ago

    I think the DNC & MSM have been unfair to Bernie. Hillary has lied about her emails, no one has had a private server & she did leave w/o turning over emails & then when asked chose which ones were private.At the very least she was lacking transparency. I'm an active Democrat who would NEVER vote Clinton nor Trump,but we don't have to choose the lesser of 2 evils,we can have the most trustworthy person in government,a man of integrity,Bernie Sanders! Hillary sold her chance to Wall St. & I'm not buying what Trump is selling. #BernieOrBusr

  • Alex Azimov - 4 years ago


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