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  • Colonel Klink - 4 years ago

    Take it easy on the "Old Sarge".
    He was confused between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.
    That's understandable after fighting a war in a jungle, swamp or on an Arab desert.
    The "Old Sarge" is 100% correct when he says "elected officials who never served", I'd rather call those elected officials as "draft dodgers".

    Yesterday our "elected official from DC, who never spent a day in the military" was in Hiroshima, Japan, making the spot and making a speech where the first atomic bomb hit.
    That's NOT the end of the story.
    Japan's leaders didn't hear the "KABOOM" in Hiroshima, they decided not to surrender. President Truman three days later, decided to drop a second bomb on Nagasaki, this time the Japanese leaders heard it and surrendered.
    Happy Memorial Day

  • Old Sarge - 4 years ago

    Do Honor them,Lois,put out a lot of flags on many of the fallen graves too!They deserve it big time!
    Simple act,we remember!As far as ceremonys and such,talk is cheap sir,now get your lazy ass of your duff too,and get these guys off the streets,out of food pantrys too,and dumpster diving too for lousy nickel soda bottle returns too,and tell your congressman too to stop the BS too!You can start with the DAV,Legion,VFW too
    we do honor those that cannot be called vets,as never came home too!But sadly sir,so many vets do not want to hear a politician that never served,tell us all how great we are too and naturaly does nothing too as always!
    So yes we honor them,go to ceremonys?Think we had this topic once before sir,called Nam remember sir?
    Now after 40 plus years,get off your ass to and do something sir,with the rest of the vets too,and honor their legacy too as dyeing for our country too!Same old story sir,promise the world like Nam,do nothing for them when come home,deserve so much better,and especially those that never came home too as always!How many died in VA with last scandal with wait lists,travel scandals with VA,bonuses big time saving moneys denying vets their rights too with medical,and yes denying claims too to save moneys for a bonus too!(Latest scandal)
    Lets not hope they died in vain too over that and our country and fellow vets too sir!Fallen heroes,honor their legacy too,so lets be real,Ceremonys are nice,wonderful,but not for so many vets who honor them in their own way too sir!So simply do not attend ceremonys sir,and having some polician telll us how great we are,and never served anyway all for a lousy vote too!They did not die for that sir!
    Get your lazy ass off your duff and do something too sir!Honor thier legacy too,and not died in vain!
    Died to make America and its values and way of life secure,intact,freedoms,,their fellow vets too,who lived,and do deserve so much better sir as of today too!They died for them too,never forget them sir too!

  • Louis - 4 years ago

    Sorry " Old Sarge", but your reason to boycott Memorial Day Ceremonials is wrong. You are to HONOR the fallen . You should be ashamed of yourself. Get off your ass and at least go to the Veteran's section of any cemetery and pray those that died in the service of our Country.

  • Old Sarge - 4 years ago

    Sorry cannot attend,boycotting them as a vet too,like so many other vets.
    VA scandals,homeless vets as VA plays games,Congress that does nothing about it anyway,
    And then have Horse and Ponys shows at ceremonys with elected who never served,do nothing anyway,
    and tell us how great we are too,all for a lousy vote too!
    Vets are second class citizens,only for serving,disabled vets especially,so we sit them out,remember our buddies,mourn in our own way,remember always,and say a prayer for them too!Its the way of things,not going to change,so we leave that to the ones who need a vote,use vets as pawns anyway,photo ops,ya name it,so sadly Memorial Day has now come to this in Duthcess Co.too!Vets so much better than that,so we sit it out too!

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