Who will save Damon?


  • Stephanie - 6 years ago

    Please bring ELENA back. The show it's not the same without her. ELENA and Damon together. Happy ending. Getting married. Damon turning to human. Have kids!!!! They have great chemistry! Love the way they act together!!! Greta job producer!!!!

  • diana bailey - 6 years ago

    Bring Elena back.she is the only one with enough love for Damon to save him and make him whole again.they are meant to be together for eternity.

  • poleena - 6 years ago

    elana and damon ALL the way. they had an epic love story and that needs to be put back together! i love both together so much and i will be hart broken with any other outcome. Stef has other girls he can love and that already love him back but damon has no one besides elana and they were perfect together

  • Elena and Stefan all the way - 6 years ago

    I think when they bring Elena back that when she comes back she goes back to Stefan because they love each other and she's his true live and he's her true love and they are meant to spend forever together now that she's a vampire

  • Resh - 6 years ago

    Stefan and Elena Must get back together

  • Love love Damon - 6 years ago

    Bring Elena back now!!!! We need these last several episodes to wrap up their awesome love story & of course Delanas wedding. Please don't be like friends. No one cared about Monica & chandler getting married. It shud have been ross & Rachel. No starolime wedding. Damon & Elena for sure!!! Love Damon!!! Best character ever!!!!!

  • Laura - 6 years ago

    Bring Delena back together. Not the same without Elena.

  • nicole marmie - 6 years ago

    in order for elena to come back bonnie has to die but I think that there will be a loop hole and some how they get around the spell or connection between the two. but I hope they do bring her back. I believe she can save damon.

  • Amanda - 6 years ago

    Bring elena back it's not the same without her in it.

  • leah - 6 years ago

    bring Elena back. I think Stefan and Elena should get back together

  • Tim - 6 years ago

    It not that I miss Elena but I miss her n Damon together

  • Angely Dominguez - 6 years ago


  • Big Fan - 7 years ago

    I think that lots of different characters will come to get her to help them and it will result with Elena coming back/ spell dropping, maybe characters like ; Stefan, Bonnie, Caraline, The Originals, Matt, Tyler, Alaric…?

  • nina dobrev - 7 years ago

    Bring me back. XOXO

  • Ivy Montgomery - 7 years ago

    Bring elana back i miss her

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