Best Utica/Rome/Valley Tattoo Shop


  • Ashley Marie - 8 years ago

    Most listed are OVERPRICED..... $85 an hour gtfo.... We are in central New York not New York City

  • Ashley Marie - 8 years ago

    Brian Kern from Exile should of been on there. I therefore voted OTHER!

  • Lex - 8 years ago

    Jenn at Dungeon Tattoo in Frankfort has done all 9 of my tattoos including a cover up on my hips. She did an amazing job with my cover up and I'm constantly getting compliments from all types of people on the work that she's done on me. Even people who told me they aren't really a fan of tattoos but thought mine were beautiful. She's an amazing artist and an amazing person. I suggest her to everyone I know. Jenn will always be my go to for tattoos

  • Someone - 8 years ago

    Dungeon tattoo is the best shop around

  • Melissa - 8 years ago

    I have 8 tattoos from Nevermore. Rich and Jessica truly are the cats a**. If I could upload photos I would in a heartbeat. Amazing talent and amazing people. My husband also has 3 and we have sent many happy clients there as well. Crossing fingers and hoping Nevermore still remains on top where they belong!!

  • Truth - 8 years ago

    Sorry I typed my comment from my phone and it changed some of my words (autocorrect) and yes I should have reread before I submitted my comment. I was just saying all the comments are (Twizted Inc) mostly by his girlfriend, I also said Nevermore was new and haven't heard one complaint or seen a piece that was a fuck up. I'm pretty sure I also said I've seen some good work from Adam. Honestly was referring to myself. And I've never even lived in a city or a trailer park! So eat your insults! Yes I had errors in my comment but at least that's not permanent like someone's body! I do know how Adam and Tiff roll so I won't take it to heart I'm sure it was one of you that typed the comment to me.

  • Truth you're an idiot - 8 years ago

    Your grammar sucks, for real. It's Twizted Ink, not twisted ink. You said Adam don't step up- you probably meant he "doesn't". "Anyways"? Seriously? Did you seriously consciously say "anyways"? And what were you trying to say in the last 3 lines of your comment? They're so incoherent, and obviously trailer trash talk, that it hurt my brain to try and comprehend your words. You're a walking contradiction that needs a dictionary. You said this isn't for ppl (I think that's the ghetto slang for people) to not complain, but isn't that what you're in fact doing? My shop didn't make the nomination but I still come on here everyday to vote because I think this contest will lead to other contests that will put other shops on the map too. I wouldn't blame Big Frog for never running a contest like this again because of morons like you. All it takes is one stupid idiot with really poor grammar to ensure that tattoo shops will never have the chance to change the stereotype. The stereotype that only ghetto scums get tattoos. Go see your kitchen scratcher artist and quit "name dropping" to give the false sense of self importance that you're trying to achieve. We shop owners are trying to make good names for ourselves. Little do you know that we all support each other. Artists and owners are a special breed of people. Only we will understand the amount of work, time, dedication and sacrifice that go into every tattoo, every day. Little do you know that all artists mess up, all artists have good and bad days. We know this, that's why we support each other. You and your drama are the kind of people we cringe to see in our shops. We know your type as soon as you walk through the door: you're loud, obnoxious, attempting to use big words but use them in the incorrect context, you see- your Osiris hig top sneakers, ghetto tight jeans, slicked back ponytail on top of your head, bottle of Pepsi and Walmart body spray mixed with ashtray- all tell your story before you open your mouth. We know you're going to tell us about allll the other shops you've been to and how they did this wrong and that wrong. You're going to bad mouth and gossip about other artists because you think you're going to get a free tattoo or at least a huge discount for being "an informant". What you really are is an annoyance and we can't wait to get you the hell out of there. We don't like people like you because we know that after we charge you full epics for your tattoo, you're going to go to another shop and bad mouth us. Keep your drama in your own trailer park. This contest isn't for people to complain. It's for people to vote and support THEIR favorite shop. It's not about going after the front runner and bashing them because of your own personal opinions. Twizted Ink should thank you though, because of you they have just earned my vote for the remainder of this contest.

  • Truth - 8 years ago

    For real twisted ink sucks and yes I've seen some good work from Adam but when he fucks up he don't step up to fix it, anyways I know half the owners and artists on here and nevermore is a new shop to the area and I already seem amazing art work and good stories, not a single and piece. And seriously if your shop is in the running you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend shouldn't be allowed to comment or vote. This is a contest for ppl not to complain and make yourselves look good!

  • Dave n - 8 years ago

    Exile tattoo is the best in Rome

  • Me - 8 years ago

    I still thinknother should be taken outta there doesn't seem fair that no one knows who it is the contest should be shop names only.. Other can be some backyard scratcher which wouldn't be good

  • Me - 8 years ago

    I still thinknother should be taken outta there doesn't seem fair that no one knows who it is the contest should be shop names only.. Other can be some backyard scratcher which wouldn't be good

  • Mel - 8 years ago

    Stopped into Twizted Ink a few years ago to have Adam do a cover-up on my neck, since then I've gotten a lot more ink, had my sons 18th birthday party, sent all my family and friend to see him and never went broke doing so. But more important then finding a wonderful talented artist I found my second family in Adam and Tiffany. I absolutely love those guys.
    Keep voting Adam Moore at Twizted Ink

  • Not right - 8 years ago

    Twisted ink sucks! Adam Moore claims to be a piercer as well as tattoo artist and he sucks at both! He pierced my lip from the outside in and drove the needle through the same new hole 4 times before the guy working the next booth informed him lips have to be pierced from the inside out and fallowed by jewelry! My lip got infected and I have bad scar tissue! I wouldn't let Adam or his "apprentice" touch my worst enemy!

  • Tabitha - 8 years ago

    I got to say when I spend time with my son Josh Parkhurst at Twisted Ink, Adam Moore & Tiffany Townsend treat u like family. They are very welcoming as well as talented. Fantastic place that u are missing out on! Stop down check out the new shop and meet a genuine group of people.

  • Tiff - 8 years ago

    Hey Kevin... I couldn't agree more! I think this is awesome and I love the loyalty being shown to each shop from their fans! I'm also so glad that all of the comments have remained positive! What a great bunch of artists and fans we have here in CNY! I think we should all be proud! Adam Moore at Twizted Ink is my guy! He too is a single artist and active in the local community. I think we should all write a positive post about our favorite artist. Most of us have never heard of the other shops before now. The truth of the matter is that all shop owners and artists work their butts off and they deserve recognition whether they win this contest or not. Great job to everyone!

  • kevin - 8 years ago

    Jenn king at Dungeon Tattoo is my artist have many from her. She is a 11 time award winner.Her work speaks for itself. She is SINGLE ARTIST in her shop. She is always booked 3/4 months ahead. All this survey is doing is putting all the shop on the map. Everyone has there favorite artist or shop. So let have fun with this. Thanks big frog for putting all of us the radar.

  • Missy - 8 years ago

    Joe @ Nevermore has done tats on my husband and I. I have recommended him to all. His eye for detail is incomparable.

  • Me - 8 years ago

    I don't thinknthis "other" should even be in there the nominees should only be in there with actual shop names this "other" is ridiculous

  • Inkorporated - 8 years ago

    I agree with the comments. a live contest we'll settle the score in a fair way ????????. voting should be limited to one per email

  • TJ - 8 years ago

    It's not an accurate poll anyway when you can vote more than once. Some of shops have a few artists while others have twice as many so automatically that shop will yield more votes in general. Oh well at the end of the day it's just another thing to keep us all on social media.

  • Jihn - 8 years ago

    Other is just helping the top view out they can choose the other category to keep other from catching them it all about the percentage race now. And tiff your right it should not be there for the shops to feed off of

  • Tiff - 8 years ago

    What is the "other" category? How can there be an "other" category? Shouldn't it only be the nominations that are on the list? Seems unfair to all of the shops that were nominated.... It's not going to yield an accurate tally....

  • Kristen - 8 years ago

    Hi ! I'm a little confused on how this voting is working because when I voted for a certain tattoo shop the numbers went down - not up as I assume it would . Am I doing something wrong , because I certainly wouldn't want someone to lose votes from me voting- it doesn't make sense . Thank you

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