Best Syracuse Area Tattoo Shop


  • Deja K. - 8 years ago

    I've had countless piercings done over time by a few piercers and after checking out Ruths work I decided to give her a try and now she is the only one I will allow to pierce me. She is a gem.

  • Nicole B - 8 years ago

    Carmelos is the best place to go. They all are very friendly and do amazing work! I wouldn't go anywhere else or trust any other place. Tony has done amazing tattoos and Ruth has done all of my piercings and I've NEVER had any problems. I have seen all of the others artists work and they are all amazing! The place is very clean and you can tell that they take pride in what they do. Carmelos definitely gets my vote

  • J. De'Roberts - 8 years ago

    Most of you that are making these comments about Carmelo's place of business need to know that what you are doing is libel / slander and defamation of character. If they wanted too they can sue you guys. Everyone's IP Address is being recorded. My vote goes to Carmelo I've been there numerous times and never had an issue.

  • Kierra - 8 years ago

    Ha ha that's what I'm talking about Carmelo's in first place as it should be!!!

  • Davonte Williams - 8 years ago

    Ya'll just a bunch of ungrateful niggas. Each n every1 of ya preferred artist started somewhere n built they way up just like Carmello's. Ya clowns wanna talk about they doing this or they doing that oh they must b making this shit up but don't wanna admit when they weren't takin d lead no1 had shit to say until they moved up n become a threat. Be real ya artist is puttin ya up 2 it if not they own self. Fake niggas just don't wanna recognize real niggas.

  • Stephanie - 8 years ago

    I get all my piercings by Ruth and she's beyond amazing. It's not just the quality work that she puts out but the overall experience and customer service. Anyone that is claiming otherwise obviously hasn't been to her shop. They are clean, sterile and professional. She keeps her piercing room On point with everything a professional piercer should have and then some. Not to mention her shop has a welcoming feel to it. So much for the other places I've been too. Ruth gets my vote.

  • Geoffrey - 8 years ago

    Lol I voted for carmelo, I've never had any issues with the shop..

  • Joe - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's is disgusting, clearly the owners have voted a bunch of times, can't even tell how many disgusting infected piercings and tatttoos I've seen from there. Carmelo is rude, and steals other artists work and claims it as his own. Carmelo's is a joke and a huge stain on Syracuse. A shop for dirtbags, ran by dirtbags.

  • Charlie - 8 years ago

    all these people getting salty over Carmelo being number one like, they're number one because they've worked for it, they build good relationships with their clients and that's why they're getting so many votes, any haters out there most likely aren't telling their side of the story, they aren't saying what they did in order for the shop to get mad at them, but as somebody who spends time there a lot, I've witnessed the respect they give to everyone that walks into that shop, I hope they win, they deserve it!!

  • George - 8 years ago

    carmelo's Inkcity on facebook has NO ONE liking this post they've posted at least a dozen times.. Obviously this voting system is rigged! Resurrected Tattoo, classic trilogy tattoo not on here!!! Tymeless tattoo, the artisan and Black Sea, clearly better choices!!

  • Jennifer G. - 8 years ago

    Carmelo and Ruth have my vote.

  • Franchesca Boudoir - 8 years ago

    Carmelo from Carmelo's Ink City is the best. He did custom sister tattoos for my cousins a while back. I look forward to booking my first tattoo with him.

  • Taylor Purtell - 8 years ago

    Carmelo does the best work I've seen y'all are crazy

  • Laylani Lee - 8 years ago

    Lmao, ya niggas crack me up with ya negativity. Well you know what they say ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY whether bad or good! Ya mofos are just giving them FREE ADVERTISEMENT with they names in ya mouths line stfu already. Shit with that said Carmelo's got my vote.

  • Stephen - 8 years ago

    It's funny how many people suddenly pop up for Carmellos when there lot is always empty. I have one tattoo from them and it took the kid 2hrs to do a small Chiefs logo and it's now just a big blotched circle.
    The whole crew must be frantically voting from numerous e-mails and devices.

  • Gary Gierera - 8 years ago

    As a father of three girls, all under the age of 18, I made the decision to go to Carmello's and I was very pleased with the ear piercings they received by Ruth. She is a polite/sweet girl and my girls will definitely be back soon.

  • Stacy W. - 8 years ago

    My vote goes to Carmelo and his team. The shop always looks great. I'm always greeted the minute I walk through the doors. I've never been dismissed or faced with grotesque attitudes like I've had from other shops in Syracuse. They are all genuinely good people. As for the comments from hateful individuals this is a positive thing for central New York and the artists that well deserve their art to be noticed not a forum for hate mail or ignorance.

  • Kate Mitchell - 8 years ago

    I voted for Resurrected tattoo. Surprised it wasn't on the initial list!

  • Ryan B. - 8 years ago

    I went to Carmelo's on wolf and got my first tat there now I recently went to the location on Hiawatha 100% better then any of the other shops I've seen, it always smells and looks clean and the atmosphere was awesome! They made me feel welcomed and I would definitely go again. As far as all the negative comments well damnn sounds like some hating going on lol come on ppl this is supposed to be a positive thing

  • Angela White - 8 years ago

    Classic Trilogy definitely needs to be on this list. Thom Bulman and his team hands down. They are very professional, passionate about their work, and the shop itself looks awesome.

  • josh wells - 8 years ago

    Dawn Of Time should be on here too. Adam Shannon is my go to guy , hes a great guy and an awesome artist , and the shop is very clean and professional.

    Working Class Tattoo should be on here too . The place rules, some of the best and most professional group of guys as well, very talented artists as well . But the front counter guy is a bit of a weirdo haha.

    and whatever shop Rob Schoonmaker works at i cant remember the name , but hes a great dude and a great artist as well.

  • Dan Rogers - 8 years ago

    To the comment below, if you look at all the positive Carmelo's comments, seems as if the same person is leaving them!

  • Darcy - 8 years ago

    Are these positive comments about Carmello's even real?? They have to be fake. Dirtiest shop in syracuse. Couldn't pay me to ever step foot in that hep-c den again. Learned my lesson

  • Melissa M. - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City all the way! I've been trying to get in with them for 3 years and now that I'm 18 I finally have my appointment!!! So excited!!! They are clean, professional, and the best of the best!!!

  • Dustin Cruz - 8 years ago

    Biographix! Mike Haines.... Everyone else plays for second

  • Lauren Liepke - 8 years ago


  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    Not surprised Carmelo is on here... But as far as a shop, Tymeless has the most diverse and talented artist as a shop as a whole, not just one guy but all 8 artist are phenomenal!!

  • Tiffany Marie - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City all the way! There is always three sides to every story. I am a first time client to Carmelo referred by my many friends that get amazing pieces by him. I too had to cancel my initial appointment in less then six hours prior due to circumstances I couldn't control which landed my father in the hospital. I called and they were more than accommodating. They moved my deposit to the new appointment I scheduled for without a hassle. - As for stealing work that's ludicrous. We're all grown here ppl give credit where it is well deserved. Carmelo is an outstanding artist that knows how to build client / artist rapport very well. Something some of your artist should take notes on. There's a reason why so many ppl are praising this shop. They make you feel right at home! Stop knocking someone down for their success and focus on your own shit. Smh #CarmeloAllTheWay

  • Erica - 8 years ago

    I love carmelo's ive been getting tattooed there for along time now. The shop is always clean and welcoming. I spread their name to anyone who asks about my tattoos.

  • Bob - 8 years ago

    Skin Funk *****
    Dice knows what's up and he's fixed some of my work from other shops listed here and has done both of my sleeves.

  • Haley Frank - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's ink City is the only place I've gotten all 4 of my tattoos and the only place I will get any future tattoos and piercings. Carmelo's and Ruth are very professional. You get exactly what you wanted every single time.

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's ink city steals work from other artists. They are not clean. Work is sub par compared to their pictures on the web. How is this place in business?

  • Mariah - 8 years ago

    So my cousin got really sick and was hospitalized the day before her tattoo appointment and she had a deposit down for it, and my aunt called them less the 24 hours ahead to let them know she can't get it bc she's in the hospital and they wouldn't give her, her deposit money back. Like I would understand it if it was like bc they had other plans but she was in the icu. I'm never getting another tattoo from there. Fuck Carmelo's how can do that when she was FUCKING SICK IN THE ICU

  • Delilah Melendez - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City is the only place I would go too. I've gotten both my sleeves done by Carmelo and all my piercings by Ty (Ruth). They are phenomenal, clean, professional and very creative with their work. Let's not forget EVERYTHING they use is prepackaged and opened right in front of you then thrown away right after. Just the way it should be! #TeamCarmelo #TeamRuthlesSsTy I love you guys. ;)

  • Joanna - 8 years ago

    I've been to 3 of the shops listed up there and from two of them I've had to have my work fixed or completely covered. Tom Doyle at Serenity Tattoo fixed them for me! His work is amazing and his shop is clean and welcoming! I will NEVER go anywhere else and make the mistake of needing my work fixed again!

  • Shi Blue - 8 years ago

    Carmellos Ink City is awesome! The staff is always so friendly and welcoming. Their work is amazing. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • Katt - 8 years ago

    Siren Studios. Is the way to go. Corinne and Penny are just phenomenal. Hell, my mom comes from Pittsburgh to get tattoos there.

  • Cita - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City Is The Best! best tattoo artists & very professional! Love the shop!

  • Stevie Ray - 8 years ago

    Carmelo is with out a doubt the most talented tattoo artist in Central New York. His employees are very professional and the shop is also a comfortable and clean environment. I wouldnt go anywhere else.

  • Justine - 8 years ago

    Very surprised Working Class Tattoo is not listed. I went to Syracuse University and recently graduated and plan on going back just to get more ink. Shop has a great vibe and all the artists do amazing work. Since Working Class was not listed, I put my vote in for Carmelo's Ink City (I personally have no tattoos from there, but I have friends that do who were very satisfied and loved it there).

  • Kaitlyn Massett - 8 years ago

    Josh Montgomery at Working Class is phenomenal. Really surprised Work Class isn't listed on here.

  • Elizabeth S. - 8 years ago

    Carmelo is the by far the most professional and reasonable tattoo shop ive been to carmelos personally done all of my tattoos besides two small ones from other shops which dont compare to his work in anyway and results in my drives up from two states away just for his work because of the heart and quality he provides! Everytime i come in i see him working on a new project always trying to improve his skills! Not to mention he always trys to accommodate my last minute appts!

  • Tay Ru - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's hands down! They are by far the best shop in central New York. I've had work done at two of the shops mentioned and was definitely not pleased but thx to Carmelo himself my cover ups came out amazing. Here's to winning first place in best cover up Melo!!!!

  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    Skin Funk Tattoo Is Amazing!! Dice's Work is the Best and he is a great guy :)

  • Rachel L - 8 years ago

    Tymeless in first, like it should be!

  • Taylor Drats - 8 years ago

    Penny lane from siren studios will blow your mind, definitely the best shop around. My sleeves looking fabulous ????

  • billyv - 8 years ago

    Serenity is the BEST and no one can come close to TOM DOYLE'S ART

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    Honestly I love angry banana. Jeff is an amazing artist. Would t trust anyone else with the sleeve he's doing. Excellent work from all their artists

  • Mercadez bouyea - 8 years ago

    Siren studios all the my first tattoo there and i will not go anywhere else. Everyone there was very proffesional and it was clean and well managed!!!

  • Tiffany Martinez - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City has done some amazing tattoos & body piercings. They always continue to please their customers !

  • Katie - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's ink city wins for sure! He does the very best work I have ever seen. No one can come close to his work! Very clean shop and professional workers!

  • Ashley will - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City hands down ! He does amazing work, super friendly, patient, and very professional. I suggest him to anyone and everyone !

  • Laura - 8 years ago

    Siren Studios!

  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    Serenity Tattoo! Most humble tattoo artists around and by far the best work!

  • Charmaine S. - 8 years ago

    #TeamCarmelo #TeamRuth I've had work done at a few shops around and let me tell you their demeanor/customer service does not compare to the team at Carmelo's Ink City. The clean art work from Carmelo and the outstanding piercings from Ruth speaks for themselves. You wouldn't find another power couple like these guys at Carmelo's Ink City.

  • Natalia - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City all the way!!! I've always been a dedicated client to Carmelo and his amazing artwork and continue to do so even after moving to Orlando, Fl two years ago. I fly into Syracuse whenever he has the availability to get work done. Four trips and counting!!! (=

  • Michael Patrick Boylan - 8 years ago

    Classic Trilogy Tattoo All the way!!!!

  • Tess - 8 years ago

    Classic Trilogy Tattoos all the way!! I drive hours just to go there because of the quality work I get from Thom. They should definitely be on this list and win!

  • Shelby Robinson - 8 years ago

    Tom Doyle at Serenity is the best. I've had ink done at a few other places and they don't even come close to comparing with his awesome work. Tom is the only one I will go to from now on!

  • Thomas Bulman - 8 years ago

    Oh and I forgot create tattoo

  • Thom bulman - 8 years ago

    Yea gotta list am all...resurrected,working class and classic trilogy tattoos

  • Jeff Frigon - 8 years ago

    Thom Bulman and crew at Classic Trilogy Tattoo, hands down best shop in Upstate NY. Thanks for the Dope art boys

  • Alyssa Senska - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's it's the best!!!

  • Nancy-Jamie's mom - 8 years ago

    My daughter Jamie introduced me to Carmelos Ink City and I'm so glad she did! Carmelo is a true artist, not just tattoos but paintings and body art as well. Shop is always clean. Carmelo and his wife have made us feel like family. ????Although my sleeve is complete....I WILL be back for more. Thank you for what you do Carmelo and Ruth! Love you too Raymond!! ????

  • Jamie - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's without a doubt. Great work, amazing service, clean shop and the best ink by far. I will never go anywhere else, Carmelo is a true artist, not only his tattoos but his paintings as well. He truly cares about his clients, he builds a relationship with everyone and he NEVER turns down an idea, he only tried to perfect it and make it better. There's nothing he can't do as far as ideas and even cover ups.

  • Jeanette Mosley - 8 years ago

    Team Carmelo allllll the way!

  • Rosa Maldonado - 8 years ago

    Without a doubt Carmelo's Ink City! They are always clean, always so inviting and the best team overall. Not to mention the only place I know that has an entire team of artists/piercers that is bilingual. !Sin duda aquí es donde todos debe de ir para los tatuajes y lo piercings¡

  • Ruth Salas - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City is the place to go I wouldn't go anywhere else! Carmelo and Raymond has done amazing pieces on me and will continue to be my go to artists! ????????

  • Ana Cruz - 8 years ago

    Carmelo's Ink City is the cleanest shop I've been too. Very professional, excellent service and phenomenal work by Carmelo and Ruth themselves. Thank you guys.

  • Nicole Desiderio - 8 years ago

    Tom is an amazing artist! He's done all of my tattoos! Wouldn't even think about going to anyone else! His shop is beautiful & very welcoming! Amazing shop & amazing artist!!! Go stop in!!

  • tanya dorough - 8 years ago

    Tom Doyle of serenity tattoo is the best tattoo artist I've ever seen. His work is phenomenal and I'll never let anyone put needle to skin on me other than tom. I think everyone should vote for serenity tattoo!

  • Mario Mason - 8 years ago

    Thanks for the love Jamie! Couldn't agree more that Resurrected and Working Class should be listed too.

    -Mario and Thom
    Classic Trilogy Tattoo

  • Jamie Santos - 8 years ago

    Resurrected Tattoo, Working Class as well as Classic Trilogy need to be on this list!

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