Is TWU local 100 President John Samuelsen and his administration doing a good job? [Poll] Click to vote!

  • Harry - 6 years ago

    A house built on lies and corruption will always fall down. And your website and radio show are built on lies. Only corrupt individuals would change the the result of the poll. You lost. Your own website supporters voted in favor of Samuelsen. You should have just accepted the embarrassment of losing a game you rigged for yourself to win. Now rather then just being embarrassed , you've lost all credibility. Now your embarrassed and exposed as the liars you are. This is how Toussaint ran local 100. Lies and corruption the whole way through. You guys are the new toussaints of local 100. And he was a nightmare.

  • Tim S - 6 years ago

    You guys are con artists. You can't even let the truth be told in a so called membership poll. You're liars. You're cheaters , and every single person who voted or even looked at the vote tally now knows you are a bunch of low lifes. Really? You couldn't even let the truth stand in your own poll? You really are the political offspring of not so great roger Toussaint . Don't you realize how pathetic you look now?

  • Truthseeker - 6 years ago

    Al Davidoff you can make your point without getting into the gutter about taxi cabs and stuff. Toussaint was a horror for the union, and these two guys obviously don't know enough to know how bad toussaint was, but you don't need to go into the gutter. That's stooping to Toussaints level and you don't need to do that.

  • Scotty - 6 years ago

    Your lies really bother me. Campbell/TousSaint couldn't win the last two elections fair and square so now they're whole political operation( (aka you guys) tell crazy lies to try to convince transit workers that Canpbell/TousSaint are healthy for transit workers. Anybody with any time on this job knows that TousSaint almost destroyed the union and that joe Campbell is tousaints boot licker. Just keep telling your lies, transit workers are laughing at you two. You're a joke , Campbell's a joke , and TousSaint is a joke .

  • Al Davidoff - 6 years ago

    You have got to be kidding me!!! I got more time in the bathroom than you have on this job. You are a bunch of amateurs losing in your own rigged poll. Your savior Roger Toussaint taught you the fine art of failure very well. Don't worry, when you get fired from here, he may let you drive his cab in Georgia.

  • Truthseeker - 6 years ago

    They don't want to fight bosses. They want to fight their own union. They want to lie to members about everything . They lied outright about their own union getting a cleaner assault bill signed into law. What's the point of straight up lying to the members? Just to cause strife and try to undermine their own brothers and sisters . They lie. They are a bunch of liars.

  • Jim Stanton - 6 years ago

    You want to fight the bosses? Learn to speak english first. Youse and dems is not in the dictionary.

  • Joe C. - 6 years ago

    Truth seeker is right , you are liars. You should try telling the truth for once , it's very therapeutic .

  • Truthseeker - 6 years ago

    Your website is so slanted , so jaded , so inaccurate , you should all be ashamed of of your politicking selves . People that lie to transit workers to help their stupitical agenda are truly shameful. Yes the cleaner assault bill was signed by the mayor and governor, but you lie to the members and say it's not true. Your are liars . All you do is lie. Liars.

  • Paul Trotta - 6 years ago

    You've videos of Roger Toussaint and his puppy dog sidekick Joe Campbell on your page. Right there, all credibility is lost to you.

  • Dennis Jones - 6 years ago

    Where thoughts and wisdom unite ? Your motto should be Where Hatred and Stupidity Unite.

  • Walter - 6 years ago

    Just what transit workers need. More management loving wannabe dissidents . Great going.

  • John Mooney - 6 years ago

    After taking a look at the topics you raise on this site it doesn't take long to realize that this entire thing you're doing is designed to spread disinformation, not give out real or useful information. So many of the people on your program are washed up Toussaint hasbeens that are filled with hate. Your spewing hate on this show and on this website . You're not building the union. Your nothing but an anti Samuelson hate machine. Your nothing new, local 100 have seen the likes of you guys before. Hate, lie , hate , lie...repeat. No real worker will ever take you seriously .

  • Freddie Burns - 6 years ago

    You guys are a bunch of know nothing union attackers. Youre probably big Toussaint supportets, which proves how littke you know about our union. Toussaint was the worst givebak loving president. Local 100 ever had , and you all. supoort him. Try fighting a boss instead of your own union you bunch of pathetic c brainwashed losers

  • Constance Hardon - 6 years ago

    You nothing but a bunch of keyboard snipers paid by Roger.

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