Do You Care What Bob Lutz Thinks About CO2?

Posted 10 years.


  • Roger - 10 years ago

    His comments are typical of those who make their livelihood in and around the "fossil" industries - what industry is more dependent than the auto industry? This is just another faux denier trying to obstruct change and protect their polluting ways for as long as they can - and to personally pocket the big salary while so doing.

    It's a sham and should be exposed as such by those in the know.

    The bigger issue is that he is slowly destroying both his and GM's credibility. I won't be buying their products while he promotes this view. If we all did the same then they would quickly discover reality. This is the real problem - many GM's customers probably agree with him - what does that say about the misinformation campaigns that the "fossil" industries run?

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    This is seriously the least of my problems with Lutz/GM. The economic strain that company puts on this nation is far worse than what he thinks. GM is a pawn and does what ever the market tells it to do. It's just slow at getting it done because of poor management. I just that would be a Lutz problem though, huh?

  • Maha - 10 years ago

    The luntz guy got pwned .. i am guessing this will be one of the worst Ads for the volt ever - like ever!

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