Do you agree with Ella that Hollywood thinks she would be better off dead?

  • D - 6 years ago

    I should want to die rather than be crippled?? Hell no! Too late anyway, I AM crippled - for 25 years now. Yes I got scared, and depressed, more about not being able to work, and about "how far is this disease going to go?" (MS in this case) Ableism is VERY much like Racism in that it starts to evaporate once you get to KNOW someone of the "other camp".... And, personally the Catholic faith is my life preserver, letting me realize THIS life is not all there is, my suffering can have value, and God is always with me! Hollywood with its hard-left materialism are the ones to Pity! Youth, $$$$, fame & success (for a while) seems to be ALL they have! I'll keep my dysfunctional body and happy soul!!

  • Lisa - 6 years ago

    I think it's more of, they are so blind to the sort of message they're sending, what sort of negative portrayal they're making, by romanticizing this dramatic idea of someone who is so terribly unfortunate that he'd rather die than go on living. They see the big bucks such a fairy tale will bring in, and that's all. It is definitely an ableist way of thinking, and I'm glad this young woman wrote her letter. If anything, it will hopefully result in eye-opening or a second thought about how people with disabilities experience the world. I would love to see a movie about a couple of people - one of whom just happens to use a wheelchair, and where that in and of itself is not a piece of the plot.

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