SPEAK UP: Should Lyme education in schools be mandated? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Have you ever seen a bear in the wild? 124 YES, 191 NO

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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Foil Hat - 3 years ago

    Education will never be mandated since it is a population control experiment that went wrong, with the US government behind it. Have you noticed that NO high ranking government official in the USA has ever been diagnosed with Lyme disease? This is because they are given the secret vaccination.

  • Dak - 3 years ago

    Education is part of prevention. Of course the kids should be taught about how to better take care - especially where we live. Parents knowledge of Lyme varies from person to person so the more knowledge we educate the kids with, the better. It will prevent many from suffering from this miserable disease too!

  • EM - 3 years ago

    Anyone living in a Lyme's infected area should absolutely know all about the diseases, its signs and treatment options. BUT...this idea of mandating everything is sickening. I would have hoped that school personnel have the intelligence and common sense to integrate discussion of a significant disease needing to be mandated to do it. A mandate is being told what to do. And that's for children who don't know better.

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