SPEAK UP: Is Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer ever? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Does the City of Poughkeepsie need a new youth center?

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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Ralph Pettorossi - 3 years ago

    Retired Boxer, Ali fought 7 more fights than Rocky and Floyd. And 10 more than Calzaghe. I would like to see their records if they fought as many as Ali....And Frank....it's too bad you didn't have the opportunity to call him a coward to his face when he was alive and in his prime. Now that he's dead, who's the coward? You!

  • Margaret Obermeier - 3 years ago

    Ali did more for the world than many politicos and sports figures living and dead. To have seen him was a thrill. The Vietnam War was wrong and he took a stand. Big business and government officials were wrong for what they did. JFK would have closed that chapter had he lived. Ali and his fans need. To thank Howard Cosell, Joe Frazier , George Foreman and many others who helped in his success. Angelo Dundee should be at the top of the list.

  • Zippy - 3 years ago

    I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Ali in an Ohio airport one afternoon. Just to see him in person was an honor. I respected him for whatever did in his life both inside and outside the boxing ring. Impossible to decide what fighter was the "greatest". Certainly, Ali was on the short list of the very best. And as suggested it would be my view a perfect record does not make the greatest. Ali was a man with a huge heart, conviction, and desire. His decision to fight being drafted was based on his principles and religion. And while some decide to find fault on his methods of protesting the war we have elected people who avoided the draft in many other ways to some of the highest offices in the land. Ali took the heat, faced the fire and paid a price. Some others went to school, did missionary work, or were allowed to serve in units that never were to see combat service. But we would never use the term coward in describing their actions. In the end 56,000 American service members gave their lives in Vietnam. And for what real reason? To prevent the spread of communism? To promote democracy? Or to serve the interests of those who found it easy to ask others to serve while they found a deferment to avoid their own service.
    And in the end what was accomplished. Why were those lives sacrificed? Sad, to read some still can find fault with a man such as Ali who stood up for what he believed. If more had done so then or if more were willing to do that today perhaps we could avoid losing so many valuable young men and women in conflicts based on the interests of a very few. Rest in Peace Champ.

  • June - 3 years ago

    I remember him when he was Cassius Clay. I'm not at all a sports fan and I viewed the thought of punching people in the face for sport as abhorrent BUT..... I loved watching Muhammad Ali-- it was the orchestration of a ballet dancer. And he was the first shameless self-promoter I had ever heard...thought it was entertaining. But years down the road, when self-adoration and proclamation has become the norm, I see it as the decline of America..

  • Retired Boxer - 3 years ago

    Was Ali the greatest boxer ever? NO He called himself the greatest, BUT he lost 5 bouts.
    Numerous boxers went undefeated in their career.
    Rocky Marciano as a heavyweight was (49-0)
    Floyd Mayweather was (49-0)
    Joe Calzaghe was (46-0)


  • Frank - 3 years ago

    This should have been you headline today. A true hero a true American!
    Former Air Force colonel held hostage in Iran dies in Arizona

  • Frank - 3 years ago

    He may or may not have been a the greatest fighter of ball time by hey was definitely a loud mouth draft dodger and a coward.

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