Do you support a higher minimum wage for Guam? (Poll Closed)

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  • Bill Vetarbo - 4 years ago

    One of the reasons for the minimum wage was to assure teenagers weren't exploited by their employers. Now, with the diminishing middle class, many adults are trying to raise families on the minimum wage. It is common for government workers and elected officials to get wage increases. The cost of living is not going down. There was a time when persons just out of high school could expect to get entry level jobs for much more than the minimum wage. The minimum wage here on Guam is more of an exploitation than a fail standard for unskilled labor.

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    Hahahaha ..Lol.. @just curious is an idiot . Omg the the things they will say to justify their self described righteousness .. Political correctness gone wild , way wild .. Screw political correctness and let's get back to common sense and blunt honestly !

  • Just curious - 4 years ago

    I for one support the minimum wage increase, yes education is the key to a better life. Think of it this way some are not as fortunate or resourceful as others, so to put this into" perspective" try and climb the latter by yourself with no help and a family of 5 to support, now that i got your attention, how do you get from point A to point B without going back? If you answer " Well then they should've thought, and planned things better, or why did they have kids, etc" then you are the most selfish person in the world. Nothing is guaranteed or forever in this world, prices keep going up, does that tell us something? Yes. To live on this island it almost feels like you have to make minimum $10.00 an hour, Just imagine one person in his/her household with a family of 5 making $7.25 an hour, Bills as follows: power,water,food,car, kids clothes.
    $600-$680 + or - paycheck do the math, whats left?

  • Jackson - 4 years ago

    By the way, I am surprised that BJ would pursue this election year stunt, as he is the least of the politicians in the group of 15. I could expect such desperate shenanigans from Respicio, Barnes, Morrison, or McCreadie, but certainly not from Cruz. Also, I support BJ for his efforts in conducting his role on checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches, and despite his electioneering, I am still supporting him this November.

  • Jackson - 4 years ago

    Everyone wants more money, even the rich. But can every business afford to give such extravagant raises, and if so, at whose expense? Most people work hard, so the deserving part is certain. But, if the cost of milk, eggs and bread will go up, then regardless whether you make $8.25 an hour or $10.10, the items will still not be affordable. Senators and Governor wake up. Focus on ways to build skills for our people so they can earn more than the current minimum wage, so that today's prices for milk, eggs and bread will be affordable. That is the root of the problem, and not another election year ploy.

  • Jeff Flores - 4 years ago

    Working for minimum wage is a choice. If you want higher pay then get another job or go to college. We all should start at minimum wage. No handouts should be given out at work. This is just an election year scam by bj cruz. It's just going to raise the cost of living for re-election purposes

  • wake up - 4 years ago

    Sorry Joseph, l have to depend on the government, 32yrs and retired with good income a month. I started in the government in the 80's, with $2.05 and hour. You and l are not fortunate to start with $15.00 hr back then. This is the present are time is over. I started in the government with no skills, when to college few years later and got my master. Did l move up, no, back then its not what you know, its who you know. Wake up $15.00 dollars

  • Deb Mesa - 4 years ago

    The real question should be, can Guam afford a higher minimum wage ? Considering how this increase the costs of goods, attract more Compact Impact migrants to take entry level jobs, and how many people on public assistance would attain less from welfare (thus quitting their jobs are going part time instead), the answer is NO!!

  • Joseph Abarca - 4 years ago

    All these people working at fast food establishment and temporary jobs should realize that they are jobs that require no skills. If a person wants to get a higher paying job than they should go to school or learn a skill that will get them a better pay. Why for example why should a person working at Mc Donalds, Burger King,, Taco Bell get $ 15.00 dollars an hour for a job that requires no skills. I believe in the old merit that I grew up in that you should study hard in school, learn a marketable skill, get a good paying job and not live off the government. As a young man I went to Guam Vocational Technical High School, join the military, acquire more skills and work over seas for over two decades and came back to Guam to raise my family with no help from the government.

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