SPEAK UP: Would you watch a concert in the rain? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Is Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer of all time? 88 YES, 85 NO

  • Judy Lyons - 4 years ago

    Ummmm...well yeah-I went to Woodstock!
    Still would-saw Brad Paisley in POURing rain at SPAC

  • Ghost of Prince - 4 years ago

    Only in the Purple Rain.

  • Ziggy - 4 years ago

    Maybe in my younger days,not now!Better things to do than get wet,cold,soaked,muddy,and call it fun too!
    We all get wiser as we do get older I guess!And the music?Lets just say its now noise,and called music too!

  • pete - 4 years ago

    Anyone remember Woodstock?

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