Do you agree with the Vatican's decision to appoint an apostolic administrator to the Archdiocese of Agana? (Poll Closed)

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  • Anthony Cabrera - 5 years ago

    "Sorry life didn't work out for you?"....really Bill W? Is that what you think of all victims of abuse? You probably won't give a s*&t either if your very own 12 year old son gets molested by a perv or even worse, a priest who is literally the DEVIL because of the vulgarity of him standing on the pulpit in the morning preaching the word of God and then raping and molesting you children in the evening. These priests already have a will call ticket waiting for them in Hell with Satanas grinning from ear to ear. Oh, and by the way, you were not "smart enough" to escape the perv Bill, you were damn lucky so don't flatter yourself. You sound so tough but I am absolutely sure that you would not have said what you said if that creature followed through with what he had in mind for you, you bastard. You need to pull your pathetic head out of your a** and learn more about child sex abuse and the trauma it causes physically and mentally and I guarantee you, you will see things totally different. Better yet, try this: If you have a child, take them to a priest and as the bastard to molest your child and then look at your child and stare into his child's eyes and tell everyone what you will see. You going to see the same crocodile tears Bill? Since the chances of that happening is zero to nil, then trust me, look deep into the eyes of these victims FIRST, before you start talking s*&t about them because "ai adai", Bill, even though they were not as "smart" as you to push those evil priest off them, at the very least, give them the benefit of doubt; something I'm sure you would not even think about if it happened to your own child. One last thing, you sound so damn tough writing your scribble on line but I don't recommend flapping your gums and saying things like "Sorry life didn't work out for you" and "wipe off those crocodile tears" in front of the victims (especially the Army guy) and/or their family members. On second thought....give it a try fan pa're and lets see what happens, then tell us how tough you are....PREBA HAO HUMBRE!

  • Da Breeze - 5 years ago

    To : Bill W

    Bill W, you totally missed the question on this poll !
    Stop playing the the Devil's advocate !
    You are defending a man who is a Pedophile..... Only pedophiles defend other pedophiles.

    Let me school you Bill W, " A pedophile is a person who has a sustained sexual orientation toward children, generally aged 13 or younger".

    Pedophilia is a mental disorder.

    The bottom line is Guam catholics will not allow Anthony Apuron to continue as Bishop of the Catholic church, now that he is a known pedophile.

    Lastly, Bill W your comments is totally absurd ! Remember this "What goes around comes around" !

    Should someone in your family comes out in the future and says they've been sexually molested years ago. Tell them exactly what you said in your comments on this page !

  • Bill V - 5 years ago

    To Bill W.: How pathetic that you blame the victims. Please keep your homophobic weak A** away from Guam and little children. Why don't you go with the Archie when he goes to prison? You can continue to defend him there you punk.

  • CJB - 5 years ago

    Just Go Apuron, it's about time, and take the Neo with you. "Enough all ready."

  • Al - 5 years ago

    Everyone is a liar except the Archdiocese, Bishop Anthony Apuron and Bill W. Give me a break.

  • Sihek1 - 5 years ago

    At last! A step in the right direction. Unfortunately getting rid of this guy is only the beginning. Lets please stay focused on the minimum outcome required, not on the politics which casts shades and shadows over the ultimate goal. My warm thoughts to all of you, the healing can now begin.

  • Bill W - 5 years ago

    Total witch-hunt of the devil. Im not buying the crocodile tears of this professional victim either. This victim has the burden of proof before we attack the Church's hierarchy. If it was so traumatic, why didn't he come forward earlier. Don't tell me because of the church. They probably smell money. Some perv homo tried to molest me when I was 12. I was smart enough and pushed his fat a$$ off me and ran away. In this anti-clerical atmosphere, a dunkin donuts employee has more rights and due process and a better chance to stand up to such a claim. I would sue the man for libel.
    Where the heck have these losers been for 30 or 40 years? Sorry life didn't work out for you. Don't try to blame all your problems on the past.
    Im with the Archbishop, you have my prayers!!.

  • Richard Orange Juice Eusellanes - 5 years ago

    Fruits of the Neo movement. Enough already!

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Lol ! Bishop "sexual predator " Apuron OMG ! Is The Calvo family gonna protect him ? Is Barnes gonna take his side ? How about Respicio or Rodriguez ? Maybe McCreadie ? They are all a bunch of corrupt birds who flock together .. Remove Apruron permanently and heal our church , vote the political scum out and heal our island . I know my family and relatives are ready to vote them out ! Thanks a lot Gov Guam ! Lol ....

  • Chalan Pago Ex-Neo - 5 years ago

    While the Pope's at it; get rid of the Neo-catechumenal Way. They are another abomination to the church

  • Da Breeze - 5 years ago

    I agree 100% percent with the Vatican's decision. If Rome decides to remove Bishop Apuron, I agree with that too.

    Bishop Apuron thinks that we are immature keep using the church as a shield for his sins !
    This is not about the Catholic church or the faith ! it's about YOU Bishop who have abused these guys when they were children.

    I was skeptical at first about the rumors , but when the victims came out, I believe the victims. I applaud them for coming forward.

    I don't need a Ph.D to figure out who is telling the truth . It is clear to me that no one just goes to the media and say they have been molested and raped by Anthony Apuron.

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