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  • Mike - 4 years ago

    It's a nice gig if you are into getting over paid to do really nothing and only working half a year.

  • marty warren - 4 years ago

    Many administrators make it impossible to teach. They have their eyes on the passing rate period. In the past when students reached a certain number of days absent, and a certain age, they were dropped from the role AFTER getting advice on how to get a GED . They were enrolled in a program that could lead to success. Now that this will count as a drop out, Arlington has a way around that state rule. Just have the kid come and sit in guidance for a few hours. They can go home and the attendance clock is reset. NY state should look into this which is done with the superintendent's blessing! Creative accounting at its worst.

  • Sabrina - 4 years ago

    Public School teaching WAS a great profession.
    Now, students aren't interested in school.
    Now, parents aren't interested in education.
    Administrators want one thing pass them ALL no matter what.

    Private School are a little better.
    Students still aren't interested.
    Parents are interested because they have to pay $$$$ for that education.

    Why are a majority of the kids at the National Spelling Bee and the National Geographic Bee "home schooled"?
    Is it because they want to learn and don't have to put up with all the wasted time, interruptions, disruptions, and violence in the public schools.

  • Carmen - 4 years ago

    Teaching is a good profession but not in the City of Poughkeepsie School District. The teachers are not respected by the superintendent or the Board.

  • Melissa - 4 years ago

    I think teaching is a great career, but not in today's world. Teaching is one of the most unstable and thank-less careers you can hold today. The requirements to become a teacher are so expensive and strenuous to graduate you invest all this time and money to get certified but can't get a teaching job (at least never in your home state). There are teachers graduating college every year but more schools are closing each year. State funding is turning into a game based on it you support common core or not. The school year isn't getting extended but they expect us to teach more curriculum in the same period of time. Teachers classroom budgets are getting cut and parents fight back when they are asked to supply pencils and tissues. There needs to be a bigger reform than just the curriculum that we teach.
    On a side note: I think we have too many burned out teachers who are job safe while more suitable teachers should be in those positions. As a previous teacher who changed careers voluntarily I think that teacher should be tenured for short terms and then be up for re-evaluation after 5 years.

  • Glenn - 4 years ago

    Most parents view school as day care. Kids are great but many parents think their child is the second coming. As a result kids(some) have little or no self respect or respect for others.

  • Brad McPapanolous - 4 years ago

    My daughter had the opportunity to go for a teaching degree but after listening to other teachers and what they are dealing with in common core, she decided she never wants to be a teacher.

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    Why would anyone want to be a teacher? Because there is little or no accountability. They are like musk ox, they encircle the dumb, weak, dead or dying in their "profession" and resist every effort to remove poor teachers from the classroom. They are collectively failing at their job and the taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

  • LK - 4 years ago

    I teach college where most of the educators are non-tenured. I never 'evaluated' a teacher but that's become a routine practice. So...we have job -insecure people working from paycheck to paycheck with no benefits (who usually have to teach at several different locations to make a livable wage) and then they are subject to having their teaching methods/knowledge evaluated by a student..often one that is failing or never shows up for class. If not subjected to students' 'evaluations' then there's the helicopter pilot parents who demand their child passes. High school teachers are routinely denigrated in the press as malingerers and tethered to the Common Core. What does logic tell you is going to happen to the attractiveness of the job and the quality of the education.

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    It is a good paying job. However who would want to deal with the parents, these days they are more immature than the children.

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