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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Margaret Obermeier - 3 years ago

    The paper needs more investigative articles. The republicans need to be held accountable. Pay to play is bigger than ever. Crime in Poughkeepsie is still a concern. The new Mayor is a vast improvement over the man he replaced. Those were the worst eight years .

  • james killian - 3 years ago

    As a life time subscriber I have recently let my account expire after forty years, as I find the quality and timeliness of coverage has gone down hill so far it is no longer relevant. As an old friend , I am sorry to see you slide so far

  • LMR - 3 years ago

    Yes I visit my app 10 times a day and have a full print subscription also. Nothing like having a real paper in your hands. And the app is great for updates and breaking news.

  • george - 3 years ago

    Not really,want a real paper,do the crossword,read the funnies,especially on Sunday Morning with a cup of coffee too!Not gonna print a crossword puzzle to do it.Not gonna go online at lunch time,at a diner table/counter and try to eat lunch too,want a real paper,a good ole fashioned paper .Old school I guess!

  • PowKrepsme Ghuy - 3 years ago

    YES! I loves me some Poughkeepsie Journal every day, sometimes twice a day.

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