Are You Surprised that Mike and Jessica Didn't Last?

  • Chrissy - 5 years ago

    So seen it coming way before the wedding ......
    Jessica was so fake and obviously only in it for the fame and to see what she could get. Mike was know. For being a player and she knew it so she got what she deserved. Honestly Mike is too good looking for her and he tried to fix it even though it sucked he did try and Jessica just wanted to humiliate Mike and make him beg. There are plenty of real woman out there Mike, you will get a woman not a little girls that's daddy still pays for everything . Sucks that everything is so public but Jessica wanted it that way it was her way of making her 15 minutes of fame last. Mike isn't innocent obviously, hopefully you learned your lesson . You could tell Mile was asked and upset about why he did and was trying to do everything possible to handle it in a more private manor but of course Jessica wanted to make mockery of him which only made her look worse. You can't think the that you can hide that crap forever or think that you wouldn't have to so one major ass kissing Mike. But , older and wiser now so you know better and trust me you swerve better because that little girl wanted what's in your bank not you . It's not okay to flirt or cheat at all. Jessica did convert for you so you deserved to be humiliated a bit due to your actions . Hopefully you take this experience and move on and grow in a positive way. You both will be happy one day but need to be adults and not only be in it for vein materialistic reasons (JESSICA)....
    Purses and Shoes and trips don't matter if your hearts not in it. Mike messed up but so did you Jessica and when he tried really tried your true colors came out . Who knows maybe one day you will find yourselves back together because there truly was love there but you both have to be honest and stop caring about finances and appearances more than the other persons feelings. I hope that you two can reconnect and get past the issues because divorce is no joke. Jessica you did a lot in order to get to marry this man you should've tried harder to get past something so old because people mess up he tried to keep it between you two and work past it he was vulnerable nd you showed that you wanted him humiliated and cares more about being showered with gifts from other men rather than counseling and moving past things nd giving your husband a break. Mike, your a spoiled little punk that thought you could keep up your bad habits and found out the hard way that's not how it works. I applaud you for your effort on trying to change keep it up because the vulnerable Mike is much more attractive than the wanna be ladies man. Take the time and work on you continue counseling you both need it who knows maybe you'll make it back together but for now work on yourselves. Good luck to you both and may you both be happy in love.

    BTW.... Jessica....looks fade and things start to sag there will always be someone younger and better looking coming along so when you have a man that is successful and willing to be open vulnerable And admit their wrong doing take it in and really think before closing that door plastic surgery won't fix it all and money doesn't fill your heart at night . Good luck to you two I really hope you can let down your walls and pride and get back to that strong passion for one another .

  • Keeping it Real - 5 years ago

    They both appeared to be fakes. Jessica was too controlling and possessive, she didn't want him with friends that he had before her. Mike was so materialist always looking at what someone else has and wanting to be like them. Why would he agree to such elaborate wedding knowing he barley had money for that expensive ring? They are both phonies and too nasty for me, kissing the dog, dog in the bed, Really? What's up with these folk on reality TV kissing their dogs in the mouth and picking them up and preparing food without washing their hands? Did you see Reza cat/dog? sniffing over the food on the coffee table he prepared for his friends All of them so nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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