SPEAK UP: Do you plan to see a Renegades game this year? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Should restaurants be able to sell alcohol at 10 a.m. on Sundays? 170 YES, 78


  • Bill - 7 years ago

    Yes the renegades are great entertainment value for families.

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    Ralph I think the reason is these towns no longer have the money for fireworks. I believe all monies go to entitlements as the towns do not receive as much from ALBANY we have to pay for all the lethargic lazy people and the dope attics cab rides and all the disability abuse.

  • ralph - 7 years ago

    Maybe if have July 4th fireworks!Kids would enjoy it,Hyde PArk a Presidential town has none,shameful,
    and county really does not have any too,so beats going to Kingston every year,or NYC to see them
    over the Statue Of Liberty too,so much a hassle train and all too,and yes expensive too!
    Every town here growing up had them in Duthcess,guess somebody passed a resolution not part of America anymore,and so much part of americas history here to celebrate as a nation too,but sadly,all now forgotten too,town boards and county elected cannot get a vote for it,unpatriotic,as always,so its the way of things now too,so if Stadium does have fireworks like rest of all America has,will go,spend my familys money here as should,not over in Kingston,or NYC too !Duthcess Co.really sad so is Hyde Park too a presidential town too
    go fiqure!Heard Hyde Park the only Presidential Town in all America,as on the net,no fireworks July 4th,that town board should be very honored of that distinction too for July 4th too!

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