SPEAK UP: Have you consider getting solar panels? YESTERDAY'S QUESTION: Should daily fantasy sports be legal? 47 Yes, 83 No

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  • Mike - 4 years ago

    Hey Mickey, you nee to learn how to write a sentence properly. There are spaces between punctuation's and the start of a new sentence.

  • Kevin Sherman - 4 years ago

    Already have them, work great, substantial savings.

  • Susie Q - 4 years ago

    Maybe someday when they have weeded out all the crooks in the business.

  • Gina - 4 years ago

    Sadly not long-term cost effective for unemployed, low-income, low electricity usage senior citizen who will probably not be in home for 20 years.

  • Brad - 4 years ago

    I've considered it and would like them. But the cost relative to the house value makes it prohibitive.

  • Mickey - 4 years ago

    No way!
    Priority now is getting out of NYS,to expensive,taxes galore,region a disaster area,looks like a 3rd world country,empty houses galore,and politicians that only worry about their pockets anyway,not the people as elected them too!And tons of homeless too,and sadly so many are vets too!Thanks US Congress,NYS legisalture too,both partys !!!!!!

  • Brad Blougnt - 4 years ago

    Unfortunately, all I can afford right now are lunar panels.

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