Grade Guam’s drivers. (Poll Closed)

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  • frank Calvo - 4 years ago

    Mr. Maurer, I think you need to open your eyes a little wider when you are on patrol. The next time I do a sweep to count same 350 vehicles I have counted for the last 17 months, I will be sure to drop off the pictures that show where they are parked. This way you won't get confused and you will have the tools to do what you are supposed to. do Then you can really take care of the problem instead of boasting about how great you are, when it obvious that you are really not!

  • woody - 4 years ago

    I'm amazed how so many Guam drivers routinely tail gate with impunity, and yet seem to defy most of the laws of Physics & gravity that I'm acquainted with--it's really remarkable. Anyone can drive fast and be in a hurry, but a skilled and courteous driver will adjust his or her speed according to traffic density and road conditions. Let's face it: There are a ton of vehicles on Guam's roads--it's just plain crowded at times, so what I do is chill on the road...I'm not a slow poke, and neither do I try to gain 2.5 nanoseconds over the car in front of me, just to end up at the same stoplight. A couple of experienced traffic cops in an unmarked car would have an absolute field here on Guam--I see flagrant violations almost every time I'm out on the road....

  • Roy - 4 years ago

    Buen biåhe... People's driving on Guam is a direct reflection of their personalities. Some are great drivers, obeying most of the laws. Most however are very poor or "gagu" with that attitude of me first. Most do not care about the other drivers and are also the ones that provoke situations on public roads. Most have no respect, no courtesy, most i would prefer they not even have a license. License? Most drivers do not have a license. I know and see so many individuals driving that have no license's. I see mopeds , quad runners and other motor vehicles being operated by children on public road ways. What about enforcement. I saw a vehicle hit a dog with a Police cruiser following behind. Ågang i polisia! No traffic stop was initiated. I see people speeding , throwing cigarette butts out, cans. baby diaper's and household trash by the bags. With all this disresepct, there can be no respect behind the wheel. Chamarro pride, island pride? Pride to look "Kao båbåba ilu-mo" when driving and not use your signals other than the middle finger of the hand. Guam is not what it is cracked up to be. Yute' i babå-mo! Gov Guam needs to get serious. Impossible... Half a day!!

  • Guam Bomb - 4 years ago

    Ditto pretty much everything most of the commenters had said. One thing that I saw in Hawaii that should be implemented on Guam is a "minimum speed" sign. It gets really irritating when you are behind someone who is barely driving 20 mph on a major thoroughfare. The police should give tickets to someone driving too slow in addition to driving someone too fast. On that note, I hear that GPD is not really motivated to give out traffic tickets because most or all of the proceeds do not go towards their department. If that's the case, maybe an amendment of that particular section of the law should be looked at.

    One more thing - when the traffic lights are out at an intersection, drivers should treat it as a 4-way stop. Instead, it becomes a dangerous and chaotic free-for-all. Education and awareness campaigns definitely need to be implemented on what to do should the traffic lights at an intersection go out.

  • Robert W. - 4 years ago

    Poorly examined drivers @ rev&tax, slow drivers whom interfere with the 'flow of traffic' and not cited by GPD/Slow drivers in the fast lane, traffic engineers that do not reset stoplights for weeks or months after power outages, traffic engineers that do not spend enough time sitting at intersections observing the results of the stoplight settings. Good News, we do have courteous drivers on Guam...

  • Da Breeze - 4 years ago

    These drivers whom i refer to as "Idiot drivers" have no business operating a motor vehicle on Guam ! You know what I'm talking about ?.... the idiots that make sudden turns without using turn signals, run red lights, make unsafe lane changes and many more traffic violations to mention.

    How in the hell did these idiots get their driver's license??

  • Road Rage - 4 years ago

    It's the drivers that stop in the center lane so they can turn right. And the drivers that pull out of an intersection when the on coming car is already in the same intersection. And the drivers that drive slow in the passing lane causing others to pass in the right lane. And the drivers waiting until the center lane is open before they pull out of a side road. Give me a business license to give out tickets where I keep a third of the fines and I'll be rich!

  • Phil - 4 years ago

    The biggest problem with Guam's drivers is that they all come from a very diverse set of driving styles and standards.

  • Frank Maurer - 4 years ago

    Mr. Calvo, before you make comments on base security. Make sure you know the facts. We do enforce fender flares and mud flaps on vehicles with tires extending beyond 2 inches of the fenders using Title 16 GCA and COMNAVMARINST 5560.2d. We conduct more traffic enforcement, safety equipment enforcement, vehicle registration checks and DUI checkpoints. Proof in the pudding, when is the last time you heard of a vehicle fatality on base? Didn't think so.

  • frank Calvo - 4 years ago

    Joe Rag, You forgot to mention the wonderful job the inspection stations are doing, because on every vehicle that has a lift of 6 INCHES OR GREATER and have TIRES that EXCEED 3 INCHES OUTSIDE THE WHEEL WELL are REQUIRED to have FENDER FLARES and MUD FLAPS (NO MATTER WHAT THE YEAR IS OF THEIR VEHICLE). If I were a Police Officer working the main gates in a joint effort with the military I could point this out to my military counter parts who claim the default to Guam Laws. I guess the military does not follow procedure!
    Just think of all that extra money they are ripping off Guam tax payers and local businesses!


    It is the LAW!

  • joe Rag - 4 years ago

    Police what police? Marine corps drive every day specifically 5:30 am to 8 am. Average speed driven by drivers whether they are military or civilian 50 MPH PLUS. Over 80 people speeding down this road every 10 minutes. Want proof? How in did all those drivers, 50 cars long in both lanes get to Big Navy from Dededo so fast? They sure did not leave their homes at 4 or 4:30 am. Go ask them. The Mangilao super highway trucks full sized trucks driving 45 or high in a 35 with a full load and weaving through traffic like they are race car drivers. Drivers blowing through lights without coming to a complete stop before turning in any direction, including the busses in Tumon and over there 2 blocks from the Hagatna police station every morning and every evening. Two blocks away. I guess it is just too far of a walk to go catch people endangering innocent people. I don't even feel like I am an America or that I am from Guam. Everyone drives like they are from the Philippines. How many people do you see driving 10 to 20 feet from the driver ahead of them at 45 to 65 mph. No one is paying attention except for those that are trying to look out for their safety and actually care. When is the last time someone was charged with child abuse for driving and texting or driving and talking on their phone with it to their ear while their children are in the car? The public round up tells me no one does this, but I see it at least 4 times every time I drive. Even the the Big Navy Commanding Officer is doing it and if you threaten to have him take a polygraph test, he will probably come clean and tell the truth! If there were a grade below F it would have to include z or x to help in the measure of Guam Drivers! The police when they are off duty are the biggest offenders all of them! Give a crummy example and get an even worse result. Way to go Guam Government and Chief of Police!

  • wake up - 4 years ago

    Jeff sorry to say...but our police are doing there job. Traffic hot line l don't think so, maybe unmarked police vehicle patrol our street's. An judging a person a offenders, Eric could had look " left then right and again left and right ", l will not trust cross walk lights. I agree with you 100%, need more police on our street's. GPD wake up

  • Frank Perez - 4 years ago

    Those fat wallet lawmakers should create a bill that requires 60+ year old drivers a doctor's report that they can still function to operate a motor vehicle safely. Me included. All they do at the Driver's License renewal is check if you can read a certain line. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen because a driver had their license renewed and they can't even control the vehicle they drive.

    Maybe this might be a discount when getting vehicle insurance. But probably I'm dreaming.

  • jeff - 4 years ago

    What we need is a traffic hot line to call into and report speeding and dangerous drivers, citizens will give license plate numbers, time and details of incident witnessed all to be recorded . Police need to look into offenders before they kill some someone. They are all repeat offenders always uncaring a threat to other motorists . Eric Bell was a great citizen he was run down by a repeat offender guaranteed.

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