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  • Ann Marie Barbone - 4 years ago

    This was a great threequel. I think Center Stage: On Pointe was ON POINTE!

  • Teela Wright - 4 years ago

    I too love Center Stage and watch it often on DVD, however, Center Stage : On Pointe was okay there wasn't a WOW factor in this but I did love seeing the original cast members and would like to see Jodi come back!

  • Molly - 4 years ago

    It was an enjoyable made for TV movie! Nothing fancy, but it completed my Saturday night in! I loved the original.

  • Kim B. - 4 years ago

    Loved this movie. Congrats to all the actors and actresses especially Chloe who played Gwen. Hope they do another movie with Gwen as main character. Will watch it many times

  • Stetson Ward - 4 years ago

    I absolutely loved this movie! It was so wonderful to see Chloe dancing on the TV screen again! Nicole Munez did a great job, and the choreography was gorgeous. I enjoyed Gwen's quirky personality! Center Stage: On Pointe is officially my all-time favorite Lifetime movie.

  • Ava - 4 years ago

    What a great movie! Chloe did an AMAZING job with both her acting and dancing. I loved the cast, and I loved how they portrayed dance. The performances were stunning, and I'm so glad I discovered the Center Stage series.

  • Harley Kirk - 4 years ago

    Thank you for monitor how many times people can vote, because if u didn't haters would rate bad review.

  • Marla - 4 years ago

    It was SO GREAT to see Chloe Lukasiak in this movie!!!! We have waited years and years to see her dancing ballet, including pointe. She absolutely lit up the screen every time she was on it, even when the focus was not on her. She just has this wonderful kinetic movement about her that draws your eye and won't let go - she always has, even on Dance Moms. Great character for her first movie role, as well - so bright and happy. It was wonderful to see. Loved the movie, loved the lead and supporting cast, loved the costuming, the gorgeous building, the great setting that provided a perfect backdrop for these lovely, energetic kids. The ballet mistress was strict, but soft-spoken, quite a lady - nice to see. My only criticism is that Chloe/Gwen should have been in the final group dance scene in the red costumes. We were really enjoying the soundtrack as well - every song was good and inspiring. It left me wanting more - like another sequel showing Gwen making it into the company next year as a lead role. Seems to be the perfect plan. Please release this movie on DVD and include more footage of Chloe dancing.

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