Do you think the gross receipts tax should be increased to help fund GMH improvements? (Poll Closed)

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  • BoB - 4 years ago

    Hey, I'm short on money. Let me see what I can do,....... I know, let me ask for a wage increase so I can continue to live beyond my means and spend money like there is no tomorrow.

  • Basta Umbre - 4 years ago

    Fund and clear GMH from all its debts and we can see where the problem is. Pay off retirement for GMH employees that are waiting to retire because they don't want to work efficiently after being informed they cant retire because the money they put in went to pay raises for our leaders. Privatize the billing dept so each employee can be held accountable. GMH wont have to worry about providing benefits to that department. they get paid for the billings they collect, it will make them work harder and want to collect!!! get rid of washed up employees that use GMH for a ride. A lot should've been terminated but due to untimely filings of complaints and lack of documentation they remain on staff. Don't mess with patient lives so law of the land should be similar to the private sector, " at will" and get rid of them... Pay off all the vendors, having limited vendors provide supplies is not helping lessen GMH's accounts payable. The more vendors you have, the cheaper supplies will be. its a no brainer.... Re evaluate doctor salaries. maybe AGs office needs to stick their nose into why some MDs get more than those that save lives. is the site to start with. They also need to figure out why only certain vendors get paid. GMHA has a bunch of wonderful employees and staff, its just too bad the rotten few affects the entire box. Lets go senators and gov, give them money the same way you quickly appropriated funds for festpak, soccer team, renovation of some bridge, your increases, and all the other issues that seem more important to you than GMH, DOE, GPD, GFD...when it comes down to health, safety, and education, it takes months to find money. really now? Well God is not sleeping, karma soon

  • Fred S. - 4 years ago

    Rev Clear, are you kidding me? You really want to give more money to Gov Guam so they can waste it on wasteful spending like ludicrous raises. I agree there are many had working employees in the government, but it doesn't mean we need to give their bosses more money to waste. Look at the Port, and how this is going to affect our food prices. We don't have enough police officers because this government rather pay overtime to their favorites in the department versus hiring more bodies to keep us safe. You don't give greedy people more money. Instead you force them to cut wasteful spending.

  • johnny a - 4 years ago

    The people of Guam are paying too many taxes as it is. Lower the taxes and provide for more light manufacturing jobs that will participate in the global economy. Privatize the debts incurred by the free service recipients by identifying key revenues currently in the present tax structure that can be diverted to pay the debt. Obviously, the taxpayers will have to undertake the burden of pay off their debt. secondly, increase the federal portion of payment of FSM citizens under the Compact Impact Aid.

    Hope we survive all this debt paying because we will certainly have to curtail operations of GovGuam to do so as they did in 2003 under the Camacho Administration.

  • wendy - 4 years ago

    Yes,.. we need to find ways to get the hospital out of debt

  • Robert W - 4 years ago

    We now have a private hospital. GMH should close and community health centers opened in each village with a common birthing center. GovGuam should not be in the hospital industry, only community health care, not even emergency care. Perhaps non-surgical emergency care( simple fractures, cuts, un-planned birthing, family violence with injuries? GMH has been an albatross for years. Primary Health Care should be the only health care that GovGuam is involved in.

  • Frank Maurer - 4 years ago

    Your kidding right? No, bad idea. The cost of living is high here and they want to increase the GRT? That's not the only option here. Stop tax credits, downsize GovGuam, with the exception of emergency services. Find fraud, waste and abuse problems, sell off agencies i.e. GMH, GPA. There is where you will find revenue to keep government operations going. But then again, extra revenue somehow gets abused.

  • Da Breeze - 4 years ago

    I'm all for increasing Gross Receipts Tax.
    Under one condition, Make it apply to only to the "Rich"....Leave the small business and poor people alone !!!

  • Rev. C.F. Cleaver - 4 years ago

    Jack it up 2% or 3% higher. GovGuam needs the money. It's a small price to pay for all the good work done by GovGuam.

  • Y. Man - 4 years ago

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Legalize Recreational Marijuana use !!!
    The annual revenue will be in the millions..... it will blow your mind , man !

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    I agree with @concerned with his comments on this question . I really feel they should start with recinding the pay raise they gave themselves .
    We the public getting f*cked up the butt by our Elected officials and I'm tired of being a fondled and raped financially . No means No dammit !
    Thanks A lot Gov Guam ! Lol !

  • Concerned - 4 years ago

    The government wants the private sector to once again bail them out for their mismanaging of funds. Maybe if they stopped hiring cronies, giving out outrageous pay raises, and put a stop on these contracts for family and friends , there might be some money left to make sure GMH remains a public hospital and not one step to "Get Me to Hawaii". They answer is NO, don't increase taxes because it will increase the cost of goods and we are tired of politics.

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