BREXIT: How does the EU referendum result affect your view of Scottish independence?

  • the truth - 5 years ago

    Scotland voted to stay in the UK knowing that the Brexit Referendum was coming.

    This is a flat out lie, in fact the no side campaigned on the slogan' vote no to stay in the eu'

  • worried scot - 5 years ago

    Joining the EU will come with the requirement of free movement of people, this however will be ever slightly incompatible with Scotland's free university tuition pledge.

    The EU will never let the scottish government prioritise scottish nationals over eu nationals applying to live and study in scotland, as it would be illegal.

    So even if admissions were strictly conducted on the basis of merit, scottish students would lose out, without the option of enrolling in other member state institutions.

    Where on earth are they going to find the money to fund this all?

    Sturgeon has already run up the worst deficit in europe!

  • RedDes - 5 years ago

    Md I apologise Fitch have now made us slightly negative depending on factors which will have a bearing such as any negotiations and trade deals etc, but the prospect is far from disastrous, more a bit choppy for a settling down period. Which is only to be expected.

  • RedDes - 5 years ago

    Md that was only with one company, Fitch have left us stable at AA+ and if you look at the effects we have bounced back compared with the rest of Europe. There is No point having a knee jerk reaction and running around like a headless chicken !

  • Md - 5 years ago

    RedDes, no changes?? We've just gone from a triple A rating to negative financial status, wake up before its too bloody late.

  • RedDes - 5 years ago

    couldn't agree more, like I said on the other poll comments:

    Scotland voted to stay in the UK knowing that the Brexit Referendum was coming. So as part of the UK we should accept that the whole of the UK has voted to leave.
    No major changes will occur for at least 2 years so there is nothing yet to trigger another Indy referendum. Even if we get independence there is no guarantee we can renegotiate a deal with the EU to get back in.

  • Its 5.15 and its crackerjack !! - 5 years ago

    Why another vote....because Cranky says so ? Scotland voted NO.. it voted to stay in the UK.... Then you must accept what the majority of the UK has themselves now voted leave the EU. Do yourself a favor... stop complaining...unload the Butch Cranky bitch and get on with being independent. This is what Cranky says she wants...independence. How will Scotland ever be independent in an organization that tells you what to do..when to do it..oh yes and by the more into it than you will ever get out...Grow a pair !! Seems to me the issue here is poor leadership...unload Cranky.

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