Did Kevin Hart have a point?

  • EvieE - 5 years ago

    I accidentally hit the yes button, but my vote was no. Fuck Kevin Hart

  • Allie - 5 years ago

    This is why I stopped liking Kevin Hart as a comedian . It is too hard for me to reconcile his new attitude that came along with his new money. Unfortunately his success has led him to think the way many successful people do, that other people can get where they are if they just do what they did. I hate that idea because it presumes that other people are NOT working hard. There are a ton of black comedians who are out there hustling and grinding and even selling out comedy clubs every week but will never attain the kind of success in Hollywood that Kevin has. It's a numbers game. So if he looks at the numbers he has to admit that there is more to it than just working hard.
    He's like the former slave who was able to buy his freedom but then looks down at other slaves who complain about being oppressed. As if every slave is even allowed to earn money or that every massa would be willing to sell them their freedom. It's all so presumptuous.
    He is about to Stacy Dash himself. There's no art to coonin' it up. Anybody can do it. And he will see how loyal white Hollywood is when the next snowflake negro becomes popular with black audiences and Hollywood replaces his mediocre ass.

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