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What has caused you to abandon a World of Trucks contract? (Poll Closed)

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  • Regenes Lift Cream - 7 years ago

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  • RogerInferno - 8 years ago

    The speedlimit is mainly the reason I don't finish the contracts, it takes too long to finish a job at 55km/h.

  • dennis.domenici - 8 years ago

    first of all, i dont play many WOTR contracts but the once i played was in multiplayer, the reason for that was that you cant get any normal jobs from the freight market in game (except you are gonna reset the game economy everay day you play in multiplayer), that comes from the server time, eg. you stopped playing yesterday at 10 am on sunday ingame time and start playing today, the servertime is eg. at friday 12 pm, the basegame itself is still at 10 am on sunday, you start the game, it loads the game, the gametime is at 10 am on sunday, but right at the moment you click on the drive button you're connecting to the server, the server tells the game a time way in the future so the game shows the time in the future and the effect of that is the game cant generate any jobs for some reason...

    thats the point when player decides to choose WOTR contracts but there are some limits as well, you cant drive faster than 55 MPH/90 KM/H, you cant load an old savegame and such things...
    so you're driving your WOTR contract, another player crashes into you and you get 100% dmg on the cargo, now, why would you drive your 2000 km to your drop off point if you know you dont get rewarded for it and if you load an old savegame it just show you the loading screen but you position doesnt change?

    this happened to me one time, i took a 2300 km job from WOTR, someone crashed into me and my cargo got damaged to 100% after 170 km, i tried to load a the last autosave (5 minutes before the crash happened) and it showed the loading screen but i was still at the position where the crash happened so i knew i only can drive the way down to my drop off point and get nothing for it or i abandon my job...

    its just a theory of mine but i think that could be a reason why some WOTR contracts get abandoned...

    btw. my 100% dmg WOTR job got to its drop off point in time :P

  • lord_boatrace - 8 years ago

    I find out that ive not got the editors pick again and i just loose it and aim at speedfor the nearest moving vehicle

  • Sheldon - 8 years ago

    . I only abandon them when I get partway through one and have to stop for the day, then get on the next day too late and have no time left on the contract.

  • gigawert - 8 years ago

    "My mom called for dinner and never let me play again" so true

  • TelluriumCrystal - 8 years ago

    Same here. I only abandon them when I get partway through one and have to stop for the day, then get on the next day too late and have no time left on the contract.

  • Autarkis - 8 years ago

    Lack of real time to complete miss contract my fault :D

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