What do you want Guam's future political status to be? (Poll Closed)

  • Statehood
    457 votes

  • Independence
    142 votes

  • Free association
    122 votes


Poll posted 3 years ago.

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  • Tom - 3 years ago

    Why not status quo?

  • Realistic - 3 years ago

    The whole thing is a farce . When the first "native Guamanian s" hand in their passports and food stamps maybe someone will take it seriously . You want to find $550,000,000 somewhere else now would be a good time to start looking - try the end of the next rainbow you see.

  • notsonative - 3 years ago

    Free association is NOT a political status since it's independence with a close deal with the U.S., which can be dropped at any time if one side doesn't hold their end of the bargain as we've recently seen come to legislation in the FSM.
    Citizens of the FSM under free association are NOT U.S. citizens and may be required to leave the country within a certain time frame (or immediately) if the compact is not renewed or is rescinded. (Source: ) The U.S. would also be under no obligation to protect the FSM from foreign threats without the compact.
    I am a registered Guam voter and have lived on the island my entire life. I have yet to hear any good reason to vote for independence aside from pie-in-the-sky arguments for cultural and lifestyle preservation without the world's largest economic and military power by our side. I don't want to lose the social insurance I've paid into nor the visa-free freedom American citizenship provides and my children should have the same if born in Guam.
    If independence wins, you can bet there will be a mass migration of Americanized Guam residents to other U.S. territories and states. I, a born and raised native Guamanian, am an American first and will certainly be one of them. And all that will be left is another saltwater ghetto in the Pacific amid the ruins of what could have been.

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    A vote for statehood is a vote for status quo, which is far and away best for Guam residents.. Commonwealth should, and likely will, eventually become an option again after this current foolishness fizzles. Neither the governor nor any of the politically and financially influential on Guam want to see significant changes to the current "have your cake and eat it too" relationship with the USA. Only the disgruntled, disaffected and poorly informed want to see change. Ask them this question: "What, exactly, is it that you want and how will it make your life better?".

  • Greg Wiecko - 3 years ago

    I could not select any of suggested answers. Why Status Quo is not there? That is what I want for Guam.

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