Should Guam legalize recreational marijuana use? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    491 votes

  • No
    326 votes


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  • Village Voice - 4 years ago

    Based on the above comments clearly the federal governments anti cannabis propaganda campaign of the past still has a firm grip on the minds of the masses. An overwhelming amount of research has been done internationally on the medical benefits of medicinal cannabis, with no help at all from the Feds (USDA, Congress), and yet sheeple still turn a blind eye. Educate yourself about the pros and cons of medical cannabis vs. the pro and cons of whatever Big Pharma designer drug your doctors have you on. Educate yourself about the tax revenue generated for public programs from the medical cannabis system implemented in states that have legalized cannabis medically/recreationally. Now educate yourself regarding industrial hemp, its uses, and its potential economic benefits. It is only natural for a medical cannabis discussion to progress into a recreational cannabis discussion. Educate yourselves in order to make educated, informed decisions.

  • Leonisa - 4 years ago

    To be honest, as a CNA working with clients under medicinal marijuana in WA. Marijuana affects their behavior, attitude, & unable to control their behavior for their safety outside their home. I believe it will be a good thing only for patient that are in pain or bedridden.

  • Justsaying - 4 years ago

    I agree with Bob Huricks...its the kids that will be affected. Heck, few weeks ago a child less that 2 years old fell from a chair and injured her skull because the parents who were high on marijuana, and smoking it near her, did not realized she fell until they found her on the floor. And get this, the child's blood/urine sample was positive for marijuana! Go figure! Ay adai! No wonder our childrens SAT scores are low. Hahahaha!!!!

  • Jose - 4 years ago

    LEGALIZE RECREATIONAL USE!!! Know what Cannabis can HELP OUT before YOU START saying "Everyone that says Yes are addicted to Drugs YOU DUMBASS!! Half Your family is Moking ICE Bitch!!! DumbAss Jake N!!!!

  • Cannabis Kris - 4 years ago

    Butch, you are the sane one! Rob & Jake do not have a clue. If you fear cannabis that much, by all means, stay away from it. I don't care if morbidly obese, diabetics with uncontrolled high blood pressure and coronary artery disease eat themselves to death! That's their issue. It is legal to be stupid and not have a clue as to personal responsibility for one's own health & well being. Alcohol makes one stupid & violent. Cannabis promotes harmony. As long as the profits go directly back to Public Health & GMH, that would be awesome! The studies have shown that legalization of cannabis has decreased the rate of use in teenagers! If you don't crap in your pants over it, the younger generation tends not to be so interested. Yet, when you demonize the hell out of it, they want to see why the older, moralistic pinheads are acting like wusses and will experiment......lighten up.....we are a cannabis culture!

  • Butch - 4 years ago

    Some people just need to crawl from under their rock and see the light of day. They have been successfully "brainwashed" by years of false information. The reality of it all is that Marijuana has been a medicine for centuries in other parts of the world. Alcohol by comparison has NO medical uses except to get you "high" and most often makes people violent and dangerous!
    Should it be used for "recreation"? ABSOLUTELY... It's not for everyone, but those that DO enjoy it should be able to without any legal ramifications unless you do something stupid like you do with beer or whiskey (pick your poison). For some people if a person in a "suit and tie" told them to jump off a 1,000 foot cliff and they would be safe", they would. I didn't like " fanihi" until I tried it...some people should STOP making opinions without knowing what they are TALKING ABOUT.....

  • Jake N. - 4 years ago

    The ones who said yes are DRUG ADDICTS!

  • Rob Huricks - 4 years ago

    I personally think it would be a bad idea because it could easily reach the hands of minor and other people just out to have a good time. If its properly controlled and purchased by someone that really need it, I could see no harm in it, but things like this get out of control and you will have lots of minors getting accessed to it and known drug addicts.

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