Who should be the next James Bond?


  • Monica - 4 months ago

    I do Believe Sam Heughan would make an amazing James Bond. The expressionless face, the eye twinkle when needed and the brutal force if necessary. Perfect age, build, height and handsome.
    I think Sam would go the distance though, at least 5 movies. He has said he wants to be more than his Outlander persona and wants a wider range. This would be perfect!

    My second choice, which I I have no idea why he was left out...really?? Charlie Hunam. After watching King Arthur, it just hit me...that could be James Bond! He's beautiful. The part he plays is charming, brutal, honest, fair, and fights for what is right. He would be great, but not sure how long he would go.

    Idris Elba is always in my top 5. No doubt. He has it all. Height, heat, looks great in a tux, I could listen to his voice as James Bond all day.

  • Carole Schmidt - 4 months ago

    Sam Heughan

  • Elvis - 4 months ago

    I would like Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow TV Series (2013 - 2017) or Tom Ellis from Lucifer TV Series (2016 - 2021). We need an actor who will be able to do at least 4 movies,, look British, young, and athletic. Mison is 39 years old and Ellis is 43 years old. The clock is ticking.

  • Tom Ellis fan - 3 years ago

    Tom Ellis of Lucifer!

    Extracted from another post:
    Why Tom Ellis Would Be Perfect As James Bond

    Whomever plays the next James Bond needs to be able to perform physical stunts, and look smashing in a tux. He must be the kind of guy that could seduce the ladies, while garnering respect from all the rest.

    Tom Ellis would fit this bill. He has that sexy British accent, and suave charm. He can knock out an opponent with one hand, while holding his martini with another.

  • Svea - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan is the one! He is a tremendously
    talented actor who would bring something new and exciting to 007. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this
    handsome, charismatic Scot knows how to fill
    a suit!

  • Barb Walker - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan

  • HOUDE - 3 years ago


  • Solange kerinec - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan

  • Francette Provencher - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan !!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Catherine - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan for a Scottish Bond!!

  • Katyhugo - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan

  • Susan - 3 years ago

    Tom Cullen would be fantastic! 6'2 dark hair, dark eyes, a young version of Sean Connery.

  • Madelynn Donoher - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan it’s time to have a Scottish Bond Sam has everything that is needed to be the next 007.

  • Ditrone Tom - 3 years ago

    Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Because she's smart, beautiful, English, gorgeous, sexy and she's hot!

  • Cheetra khadka - 3 years ago

    Anup Bikram Shah from Nepal.. Best choice for new Jems Bond... any comments for this vote.. ...Cheetrakhadka714@gmail.com.
    kindly correct before mail address. Thanks ...

  • Cheetra khadka - 3 years ago

    Anup Bikram shahi is the Best option for Next Jems Bond. He is The best actor from Nepal. Anyone any comments regarding this.. plz place here.. ..Cheetrakhadka@gmail.com. thanks.

  • Cheetra khadka - 3 years ago

    Danial Craige again.... or Me... Other wise close this series... No one compares with Daniel C.... He is theyBest for Bond... Jems Bond..

  • Cheetra khadka - 3 years ago

    daniel Crage.. Or me..

  • Fox mulder - 3 years ago


  • Peter - 3 years ago

    taron egerton charlie hunnam colin farrell

  • Kaye - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan!!

  • John - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan, obviously!

  • Judy - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan

  • Prakash - 3 years ago

    What about Scott Adkins or Jason Momoa?

  • Deborah Murphy - 3 years ago

    Robert Pattinson after he nails Batman!

  • Michael - 3 years ago

    Tom Mison should be on the list, around the right age and a terrific actor

  • marissa - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan!! !! Why isn’t his name included in the poll choices if he is a top runner???

  • Noel Alphonse - 3 years ago

    Clive Owen

  • Pam - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan a true Scottish man!

  • Ryan - 3 years ago

    Matthew Lewis. Yes, Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter as the next James Bond.

  • Mary Ann Wainwright - 3 years ago

    James Norton

  • John - 3 years ago

    Tom Ellis from Lucifer OR Sean Pertwee

  • K - 3 years ago

    Dan Steven's will be the next James Bond

  • Carol Sue Muravez - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan. He is at or near the top on other lists for the next James Bond. Why is he left out if this list? He is an incredible actor, looks great in a suit, handsome, works out to maintain his extremely fit body, and is Scottish.

  • Andreja Jurkic - 3 years ago

    Tom Cruise

  • Thomas - 3 years ago

    Idris Elba......enough said!

  • Tom Horan - 3 years ago

    Tom Ellis
    The devil is in the details! ????

  • Elizabeth - 3 years ago

    Tom Ellis embodies Bond. It would be a walk on role for him. Easy peasy. Casting done.

  • Liz - 3 years ago

    Tom Ellis is the perfect blend of Bond characteristics. He's has the charming, suave and debonair charisma of Connery and Moore. Plus, all of the fighting and action skills of Craig.

  • Chad - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan

  • ANDRIA - 3 years ago


  • Vijay Srinivas - 3 years ago

    Hrithik Roshan

  • Vijay Srinivas - 3 years ago

    In my opinion Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan would be the best option to be next James Bond after Daniel Craig.

  • Chirag Ravindra - 3 years ago

    Instead of James bond you can make .Jr bonds like me

  • Chirag Ravindra - 3 years ago

    Instead of James bond Jr bonds like me.

  • Gerald - 3 years ago

    Michael Fassbender for sure ...that look, of calm reassurance...of someone in control is definately had by him

  • vivek jaitly - 3 years ago

    I think I am Bond

  • Mary Reinhardt - 3 years ago

    ian somerhalder

  • Rod - 3 years ago

    Chris Hemsworth

  • Virginia Rowley - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan for sure. Incredible actor, very good looking, is Scottish like Sean Connery, played the spy in the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me and.is the sexy hero of the hit show Oitlander.

  • Pam Delaney - 3 years ago

    Sam heughan

  • Pam Delaney - 3 years ago

    Sam hueghan

  • Paul Muhita - 3 years ago

    James Norton

  • Tristan - 3 years ago

    Taron Egerton

  • Ailsa Puckrin - 3 years ago

    SAM HEUGHAN - incredible actor, handsome Scotsman. Absolutely hands down he needs to be the next James Bond. Get him on the list for goodness sake!

  • Roland Harris - 3 years ago

    Henry Golding

  • Lúcia Dias - 3 years ago

    San Heughan

  • Caroline - 3 years ago

    Definitely Sam Heughan!

  • Darryl D - 3 years ago

    Bradley Cooper.

  • Stacey Mckernan - 3 years ago

    No brainer. It should be SAM HEUGHAN!!

  • Deborah Lynch - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan!! Can NOT believe I have to write him in !!

  • JK - 3 years ago

    With the trajectory of Daniel, Tom Hardy is the only one to carry it on deeper w more grit and self awareness. However, the tendency of being a low profile at the start plus Tom Hardy's unlikely desire to be pigeon-holed, the choice is of TC is unlikely. I live in hope.

  • Michele Hargis - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan

  • Ram - 3 years ago

    Ian Somerhalder

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    Tom Ellis

  • Steph - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan - perfect choice

  • Stephen - 3 years ago

    Santiago cabrera

  • Stella Royce - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan, let’s have a Scot again!

  • Cat - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan

  • Suzi Mcclure - 3 years ago

    Sam HEUGHAN Of course!!!

  • SHEILA - 3 years ago


  • Anthony Kelly - 3 years ago

    What about John Cena?

  • Colleen Mesing - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan.... because we need another Scottish Bond and he is after all "The King of Men!"

  • Sally McDade - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan. Suave, sexy, looks gorgeous in a DJ, or out. Athletic, brave,modest. What more could you need.

  • Rachel Healey - 3 years ago

    Sam Heughan! Hands down

  • Eneller Anden - 6 years ago

    Simon Merrells has all the qualities to play 007. He has the original "Ian Flemming sketch look", the charisma needed and the strongest acting skills of all suggested actors (maybe only matched by Tim Roth and Michael Fassbender).

  • sethu - 6 years ago

    i want next james bond to channing tatum please add to list

  • sethu - 6 years ago

    i want next james bond to channig tatum

  • Val - 7 years ago

    Tim Roth. He may not be the best looking but boy he has it all

  • Victoria - 7 years ago

    Gerard Butler

  • Patricia Cromi - 7 years ago

    I have no doubt.... Richard Armitage is the best.....he is a great actor.... in theatre, in cinemas, in tvmovie...

  • Mara Bittencourt - 7 years ago

    Richard Armitage deve ser o próximo James Bond.Quero ele....

  • Ria Wessels - 7 years ago

    Sam Heughan will be a refreshing change.

  • Sheila Davis - 7 years ago

    Why is Aidan Turner so low on the list and it should at least be in order after percentage
    Never even heard Richard Armitage mentioned before this, this list makes no sense.

  • Elizabeth Schuck Tobin - 7 years ago

    Why don't you have Aidan's picture in his tux as Lombard? Very Bondlike!!!

  • Karen - 7 years ago

    Matthew Goode

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