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Would you charge Hillary Clinton?

  • sherry lane - 5 years ago

    her ASS WOULD BE IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY PUT US ALL IN JEPORDY !

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    I am sickened by the utter disregard of security regulations by a rank amateur who thought she was above the law. Why? Because I was responsible for top secret information and documents and I know how Clinton totally disregarded the law along with her equally complicit criminal staff. If this is what America wants, high buildings, bridges and poison make for a quicker and more painless suicide.

  • Dave Westcott - 5 years ago

    Hillary Clinton had to take the same annual training as all Federal employees & Federal Government Contractors regarding securing all Federal Government documentation. The laws governing maintaining the security of Federally generated docomentation has not changed & she knowingly used personal equipment to conduct Federal Government Business which is a direct violation of Federal laws pertaining to securing all Federal Govermental documentation. She has Knowingly allegedly committed a felony & should be brought up on that charge. For the FBI Director to excuse / overlook her actions is a miscarriage of justice. This especially holds true for all those regular Joes that have been prosecuted already for their violations of these laws by using personal unsecured non-government issued computers, cell phones, and tablets to conduct Federal Governmental Business. They were fired from their jobs, fined heavil, give jail time, & can never hold another position associated with the Federal Government. Isn't this suppose to be the Land of the Free because of the Brave with Liberty & Justice for "All" ? What I really see is Elitists Governing in tyranny over the huddled masses, exploiting them here in this " The We the People'" Land ! What a complete sham.

    Dave Westcott

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