Is Austin good for families?

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Posted 3 years.


  • Carla Daniels - 3 years ago

    The city is nice, not too much crime, but the cost of living there will suck you dry. Trying to live off minimum wage is an unfunny joke, and the slumlords have no conscience and will ruin your credit just because they can. It's a nice town but sadly just no longer affordable. I had to leave before I ended up homeless. My kids in their twenties chose to stay and there hasn't been one month that I haven't had to help them with rent or utilities. Sad.

  • Rolando - 3 years ago

    Having been born and raised in this beautiful city, you would think I would disagree with Austin's ranking but its spot on. Austin has really just developed into an over grown hot spot for trendy, arrogant souls with a complete disregard for tradition and the original Austin way of life. Soaking it all in, not being in a hurry, having some peace of mind to say hello to your neighbor, being polite and respectful is how Austin used to be. Broken Spoke being nestled between two yuppie apartments drowns its character. All the highrises on lamar look goofy and tacky. Mostly, the majority of the people residing here now are just rude and plain suck! When people say they can always go back to where they came from and feel like a kid again, well for me, that memory is long gone. So long hometown, I miss you dearly.

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