Do You Like Jason Thompson In The Billy Abbott Role?

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  • Debbie Johnson - 4 years ago

    Jason Thomson is ok but Billy Miller really made the show!

  • KeKe - 4 years ago

    I love Jason Thompson but hate him as a Billy recast. I also hate the Phyllis and Billy affair storyline. If the writers wanted to go that direction, the last Billy portrayer, Burgess Jenkins would have been better fit. I also love Billy Miller but hate him as Jason on GH. Good actor but terrible recast.

  • Victoria L. Wilson - 4 years ago

    I just think that he is just too old for her

  • Tammy - 4 years ago

    I think Jason Thompson may just be the worst Billy Abbott recast yet. I agree with the other commentor (Sue) that Victoria's new bar owning boyfriend would've made a good Billy. In my opinion, if they can't get Billy Miller back to Y&R, they might as well kill him off or just have him "go away".

  • Dot - 4 years ago

    I love him playing Billy. I don't care for the role with he and Phyliss. He and Victoria had good chemistry when he first came on. Phyliss has two grown kids and he and Vic has young kids that they both are crazy about. I would like them including Vic to move in the big mansion. Victoria could come out of that hole in the wall bar and Phillis could act her true age. I'm Just Saying!!!

  • Sue - 4 years ago

    Victoria's bar owner beau would make a good Billy replacement if Miller doesnt come back. I dont like the new Billy or his role...and sick of the Billy and Phyllis affair...put Billy amd Vic back together!

  • Emma williams - 4 years ago

    I stopped watching YR because of phyliss and Billy pairing don't like that storyline

  • Debbie O. - 4 years ago

    I really love him as Billy but do not like the Billy/Phyllis storyline. I would like to see him back with Victoria. The thing with Phyllis is sick. Jason Thompson is too great of an actor to be subjected to this horrible debaucle. I certainly hope they clean this whole soap up including the Sharon/Sage baby storyline. It's all just ridiculous!!

  • Samantha - 4 years ago

    I personally love him playing the role of billy and I love the phyllis and billy storyline. There's a real chemistry there and it's a new fresh relationship and makes things interesting! I want to see this play out.

  • Renda - 4 years ago

    I think he's doing a great job playing Billy Abbot but this whole Billy & Phyllis thing is too much people.
    I know it's just a soap but if we don't enjoy what we are watching,...

  • Carol - 4 years ago

    Jason Thompson fits the role of Billy Abbott but I do not like the twist the writers have taken with the role of Billy Abbott. Billy and Victoria belong together or let him develop a relationship with Chloe again.

  • joanne - 4 years ago

    I have had enough of Billy Really had enough of Billy and Phyllis Don't like im in the role of Billy

  • Debbie - 4 years ago

    I don't not like him in the role as much as I don't like the storyline. Jack has been as good as a brother as he can be and to have this happening is terrible. I know it is a soap and crazy things happen all of the time, but I think that their marriage should have ended before the two of them got together. She could have gotten a divorce because of the Marco issue and no one would have questioned it. She then could have fallen in love with Billy because he befriended her.

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