When was your last "clean" (with no violations) inspection conducted by law enforcement?

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  • Kelly McMahon - 8 years ago

    I'm an o/o independent. I run a 1994 Pete 379 and 2017 Western double flatbed trailers in OR, WA, ID, UT, and MT.
    I have zero log violations and zero speeding or moving violations. The worst violation I've had in 5 years is a load securement issue (I was lacking one "gut" wrap on a load of lumber)
    Even though I may drive past or through up to 5 weigh stations a day I NEVER get inspected.
    My FMCSA score is around a 70 which is pretty poor, due solely to no inspections. The last time I was inspected was in WA. because I stopped at a scale and asked if they could inspect me. The best I could get them to do was a level 2 walk around. I've asked at other scales since and can't get anyone with enough energy to work and inspect me. So because of a flawed system I guess I'll just keep running with a piss poor rating because there isn't much I can do about it.
    Way to go FMCSA. I drive safe, keep extremely good care of my equipment, play by all your rules and regulations and what do I get?? A "BAD" score!! THANKS FOR NOTHING

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