Do you think FestPac was worth the expense? (Poll Closed)

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  • Guam First - 5 years ago

    FestPac was not a good use of $14 million. Could have used it on the roads. It was run badly and like another poster said, it was a lot of last minute work. The people that planned this should be held accountable for the $14 million. Publish where every last dime went. And if any scent of misappropriated funds are found, jail time, payback and public humiliation.

    Guam should feel ashamed for the Festpac that was put on here. 4 years to prepare. 4 YEARS!!!! And this is what we get.

  • debbie quinata - 5 years ago

    It was worth every last penny! GUAM did us PROUD!

  • John cruz - 5 years ago

    It should have taken in money that should cover for the work they did for FestPac. Or that money was spent some place else. It good for the young Guamians that are going to be the new generation that would keep the culture going.

  • #culturefirst - 5 years ago

    Monies could have been less spent. More natural resources could have been used in place of the more permanent structures left unused now. Guam had more than enough time to prepare for this special event and it seems to me we procrastinated which caused more expenses. I was proudly a part of the Performing Arts delegation and we weren't given the financial accomodations others received until the last moments before the opening ceremony. Luckily our leader prepared herself for the worst. You cannot put a price on traditions, our language, our resources , our Pa'a, our culture. So YES! Every penny spent was worth it just managed poorly. Biba Festpac!!

  • wake up - 5 years ago

    FestPac is FestPac....the millions was spent already what a stupid question to ask. Wake up

  • Strangedejim - 5 years ago

    Yup.. Watching Pepthi try to cha-cha with the Rapa Nui girl was worth $14M, plus OT.

  • ConcernedCitizen - 5 years ago

    Again, taxpaying residents foot the bill ahead of taxpayer priorities--roads, GMH, schools, tax refunds, debts, etc. The old adage of taking care of your household took a backseat over looking good to others, while the entire family starves. The irony is, the overspending keeps on, pushing for more debts until we all suffer like Puerto Rico. I won't be too much longer now. Use the pace of Tax Refunds as a reliable gauge of how financially strap GovGuam is.

  • Da Breeze - 5 years ago

    How about using those concrete huts..... or are they for only for Decorations ???
    They should've used these huts for the Liberation Day , or Pleasure island block party.... what a damn shame to block off Tumon and you have these FestPac huts sitting vacant....
    I don't want to hear any excuses from Dept of Chamorro Affairs! Just make it happen!!

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