How should the government of Guam solve its financial problems? (Poll Closed)

  • Borrow money
    16 votes

  • Cut expenses
    397 votes

  • Increase taxes
    31 votes

  • There isn't a problem.
    3 votes


Poll posted 3 years ago.

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  • RVLeon - 3 years ago

    By this time, Guahan should have learned that Nepotism, Pare' System, Connection system, Familia connection has served to provide ILL-GUIDED senators. This is a small Island! Guahan's old ways of Governance MUST BE REPLACED! Prime example are the Famous 9: Tony Ada, TMBarnes, JWonFat, Espaldon, FBlaz, TMorrison, Respicio, Rodriquez, and ??? WHO PAID THEMSELVES A PAY RAISE TO JUSTIFY THEIR 'LACK OF LEADERSHIP.' These Sin-Actors demonstrated ignorance considering the GMH debacle, Tax Refund debable, FESTPAC debacle, et cet. These Sin-Actors GLAMORIZED THEMSELVES. Furthermore, these Sin-Actors claim they are for Guahan YET THEY PURCHASE THEIR CAMPAIGN BANNERS and Paraphenelia from the Philipines. These Sin-Actors claim they support the LOCAL ECONOMY. WHAT A JOKE! These Sin-Actors are able to over-load all the streets with their FAKE SMILES AND FAMILY PORTRAITS smiling at Guahan's ignorance! TIME TO CHANGE THE TIME CLOCK!

  • Islander 2 - 3 years ago

    Recind their inflated pay raise and vote out all those who voted to retain their pay raises . Common sense is extremely lacking in Gov Guam and replaced with Greed and Nepotism . The pocket stuffing campaign must stop and priorities reassessed . Calvo has steered almost all
    Gov Guam deals to benefit in one way or another his families business or in-laws business and it's disgusting example of corruption .
    Vote out Barnes , Respicio amd Rodriguez the 3 obvious corrupt amigos . Thanks Gov Guam ! Lol !

  • Voter - 3 years ago

    Do not vote for the 6 senators who increased their pay from $60K to $80K

  • Timothy Guile - 3 years ago

    Elect a governor who makes restoring fiscal order a priority.

  • Bill Gibson - 3 years ago

    Replace ALL incumbents

  • Concerned citizen - 3 years ago

    We're all cutting back on our make, so should GovGuam. Heads of all government branches must Spend public funds as if it was theirs, be frugal and financially responsible.

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