Do you support the NSW Government decision to ban greyhound racing in the state?

Posted 2 years.


  • sue - 2 years ago

    Sally Harrison ,Well Said!

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    The media should be ashamed of themselves, again reporting what the government wants us to believe not the real deal

  • bob whitelaw - 2 years ago

    As usual the animal welfare groups attack the greyhound owners the weakest of the free codes,The largest killer of dogs and other animals is the RSPCA and nothing said because they are rich and powerful the founder of these animal groups believes its ok to have sex with a animals ,what does that tell about these people ? and they want to take away our social licence who's kidding who here in this debate. This so called friendly society made over 100 million dollars over the last financial year and contributed nothing to the coffers of the states treasury in the form of Tax but they nail us if we don't pay ours it stinks of Hypocrisy

  • Sally Johnson - 2 years ago

    And when the Animal Rights people come for your dogs and PETA kills your pet.. well.tough titties baby, When PETA takes your dog off your front lawn and kills it, when the AR people ban farming and slaughter all the animals, when the AR stops you having your chickens in your back yards.. do not come whining to me, you reap what you sow,

  • Julian Sexton - 2 years ago

    The biggest problem with all this is the distorted facts and figures conjured up in the McHugh report. Some of the facts are starting to come out now, however everyone has an opinion on the subject and thinks they are experts and have never been involved in the game. At the moment everyone is worried about the dogs being put down and or rehomed what about the owners and trainers?,where are they going to be Rehomed ? Their lively hood will be taken away, they will not have the money to keep them going. Mike Baird won't compensate people for what he is taking away from them, and that is the fundamental problem with shutting the industry down.I think there will be bigger problems than the government can handle ie suicides and the like.Baird is trying to wipe out away of life of people who have made their choice of what they want to do.Its the Big end of Town telling the Bottem end of Town what is good for them and how to live.

  • Alex Jokic - 2 years ago

    All those against greyhound racing need to visit a trainer in their area...if you come away with the same opinion that you went in with... fair enough, however it might open your eyes as what really goes on...a day at an abbatoir would make you all become vegetarians...just because you think it's wrong isn't necessarily always right...

  • Angela Oakley - 2 years ago

    This Is just a fantastic needs to banned across the world. These dogs are exploited by greedy cruel humans for their own benefit. What right have humans got to do this. Read up on the cruelty and treatment of the greyhound - its appalling. BAN IT EVERYWHERE!!

  • Sarah Shedden - 2 years ago

    The Greyhound Racing industry had their chance to fix their wrong doings, and they screwed it up! Don't whine about it now!!!

  • Debbie - 2 years ago

    The industry will never get rid of the cruel elements unless it agrees to:

    1. STOP the overbreeding of dogs to find winners
    2. NEVER kill a dog just because he or she can no longer race because of injury or age
    3. NEVER kill young dogs who are not suitable for racing,
    4. ALWAYS ban for life anyone found to have drugged their dogs,
    5. ALWAYS ban for life anyone caught live baiting.
    6. Remove the sharp bends from the racetracks themselves.
    7. Remove the ability to gamble on a dog's performance.
    8. Replace self-interested self-governance with strict, independent governance.

    If these people love their dogs and aren't in it for the money - then they can stop using the dogs as gambling commodities, and enjoy loving them for who they are! Not what they can do!
    There's simply no need for commercialized greyhound racing in this day and age.

  • Caryl - 2 years ago

    Try Halal slaughter! Things are upside down in Australia!

  • Sandi - 2 years ago

    Look at the numbers in the report if your in doubt at all. This industry is overloaded with torture & mass killings of gentle defenceless dogs by greedy owners. Stop the apathy, its time to deal with it & close it down Australia wide. Disgusted & appalled the Govt have let this go on for as long as they have.

  • Doreen Parsons - 2 years ago

    Look at the racing on TV, hardly anyone in the stands. These dogs are raced for gambling purposes only and most of the gamblers are in the pubs and clubs - they are not interested in it as a sport. Let them gamble on something else. Too many dogs are bred and then discarded, even when there is no cruelty.

  • Sally Harrison - 2 years ago

    Jo Cochrane- WE WANT THEM ALL BANNED WHY?? BECAUSE ITS HIDEOUSLY CRUEL AND NO ONE SHOULD "HAVE" TO BE TOLD its cruel. You either know the difference or you don't. I for one know the difference i detest the blood thirty, grubby hands that commit and condone animal cruelty to line their pockets. Sub-humans portraying sub-human behavior. No place in a civilized society for anyone who SUPPORTS OR CONDONES animal cruelty whether it be greyhound racing, horse racing or otherwise.
    END THIS DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOR FROM THIS NATION AND REMOVE THE SHAME AND GUILT IT BRINGS ON THIS NATION. My grandfather did not GIVE UP HIS LIFE in the war for Australians to perform acts of cruelty on this nations animals. He would be rolling in his grave at the depravity this nation has stooped to.

  • Ben smith - 2 years ago

    As usual Paul Toole stays quiet on the hard issues that matter only looking out for himself not his greyhound loving constituents of Bathurst

  • Jo Cochrane - 2 years ago

    What an insane decision? The N.S.W. Greyhound Racing crew had & were getting rid of the cruel elements out of the industry! If you're going to ban this type of racing for cruelty, have a close look at others. Try Horse Racing,.

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