Is Victor Using Nikki To Get Out of Prison?


  • Rob McEwan - 4 years ago

    I’ve never commented before but after watching and suffering through Y&R this past few days I just had to vent. I know it’s just a silly soap opera but com’on folks.,..This is beyond stupid. How can this presumably intelligent collection of family members believe for a half second, that by banding together and reversing their original testimony in the conviction of Victor will somehow magically overturn his sentence. Is that what they think an appeals court does? Just `GOOGLE’ `Appeals Court’ and somehow manage to get an appointment? What planet is Genoa City on?

    Victor’s sentence was based on his crimes, (fraud, kidnapping etc) not on their testimony. They didn’t convict him. They testified about his character. The court sentenced him to 10 years for his crimes not because of his family and their personal opinions. An appeals court is about law procedure not about this stupid family’s emotional testimony. The court doesn’t give a shit about that. Its about the crime.

    My wife got me `hooked’ on this show and every day I just want to stab myself in the head with a fork. The writers must live in some surreal dimension inventing these ridiculous implausible situations and I pity the poor actors who must scratch their heads when handed these scenarios. Lastly:
    The best actors and best villains on the show are Hillary and Luca. Great work guys.

  • Sharon - 4 years ago

    I fear he will use his whole family. He used that poor doctor in prison to his advantage. That saddened me. Get rid if hillary.

  • Francine - 4 years ago

    Doesn't he use everybody all the time?!?!?!?! He's a calculating liar and cheat taking advantage of all his family (he's suppose to love so friggin much) and whomever suits his plans.

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