Would you promote the name of a black person who was killed by police if you hated the things they said when they were alive?

  • EvieE - 6 years ago

    If it was an outspoken coon like Charles Barkley or Stacy Dash, I'd be like Mariah Carey, I don't know them because number one, if the cops killed them, according to their logic, they deserved it right? Is that wrong? Probably. But my petty is too strong and I'm a horrible person.

  • Amani - 6 years ago

    For me this is no different than police or media telling us the next Black person who was murdered by police was "No Angel" and dragging their name through the mud. I'm not telling other people what to do, or how to handle it, but I can't can't think of any situation where a person was extra judicially killed by the state that I wouldn't feel like a hypocrite if I didn't demand justice and due process. That doesn't mean I'm holding them up or praising their name, but I can't let the system off the hook when the person is a piece of shit.

  • Allie - 6 years ago

    This one is weird for me. On one had I think maybe I could promote a hashtag for Stacy Dash if she was killed by police because I can see how and why she has internalized white supremacy to make her say the ignorant things she says. I don't agree with what she says and like you all pointed out on the show maybe she can change (keeping my fingers crossed).
    But then when I think about Bill Cosby I absolutely could not promote him if he were unlawfully killed by the police. It doesn't mean that I think the police should be allowed to get away with killing him. I would still want him and his family to have justice. And I would want those police officers tried and put in prison. But in no way would I personally feel right about using my online space and platform (no matter how small it may be) to sympathize with a man who caused so many women so much harm.
    Can't someone be down with the movement but not down with the person being upheld at the moment?
    I think the person who was bashing Sandra Bland messed up because they went out of their way muck up her name when that's not even the point. If promoting Bland was a personal conflict they could have very well said nothing.
    But then again I do think about the way the mainstream has basically alienated the LGBTQ community from the movement and as a straight black woman I can admit that I don't know what that feels like so hey maybe they were in the right for speaking out against Sandra Bland. I don't know... I guess there's no simple answer here.

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