Should I change Reese name to Wreath? (Poll Closed)

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    What's that pair that packs that punch?
    The unique taste
    So creamy with a crunch
    P and B and C is what I'm thinking of
    And it only can be found in my REESE'S PUFFS

    Peanut butter chocolate
    Great when separate
    But when they combine
    They make the morning time epic

    R Double E S E S
    P to the U double--
    Reese's Puffs!

  • my2cents - 5 years ago

    My 2 cents are

    if you having problems with the 2 R of the brother and the princess then change
    it maybe to Faeris just my 2 cents if not let it me Reese its easier to read and the same in GT :P
    Wreath is just not READABLE

    My 2 cents if they are no to your liking IGNORE it or *piep* that's it from me

    Gramma and Spelling errors put it up your *pieppieppieppieppieppieppieppieppiep*

  • ISE - 5 years ago

    I actually like rempey idea on how to use her name 2nd it.

  • rempeyeksedap3991 - 5 years ago

    Leave Wreath only for noble or royalty to call her...and Reese for those reese see as real family or friend (or lover)

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