Do You Want Katherine's House Back?

  • Pat - 4 years ago

    I like the updated feel of the house - young people today do not live with all that frou frou that Catherine had - gold gilt and fussy wallpaper. But that dungeon wall color is just too dreary and depressing - no wonder Billy needs to find a new relationship - he's depressed. Sorry Billy - Paint color will not lift your spirits. Nor will a relationship with your brothers wife. Where's Victoria?

  • Donna - 4 years ago

    The darker colors just don't"fit" the Mansion! Why not update the color to the Forget-Me-Not yellow with maybe beige trimming.... brighten it up without making her older furniture look out of place or style! The brightness can be reminders that Katherine Chancellor lives on in her Home and our Memories!!

  • Deanna Sabourin - 4 years ago

    This whole thing is so rediculous, I do adore Katherine, she was a fantastic woman, but she is gone, and times go on, Jill gave that house to Billy, therefore it should remain his, I mean would any of us like it if our parents walked into our homes, and said' well I don't like what you have done with the place so I am taking it away from you?'Or, I am not coming here anymore, yuk"?No we wouldn't. And the fact that Jill is his mother should make no difference, she GAVE it to him, therefore it should remain his, and I truly believe Katherine would agree, life goes on, some of you might think this harsh, but no it is reality.

  • Flora Carrillo - 4 years ago

    Absolutely they should bring it back. Right now it looks like it would be very depressing to live there. That color looks horrible. The person that picked that horrible color must be color blind.

  • Sandra - 4 years ago

    The beautiful mansion became as dark and sinister looking as Billy's character became. Hate the colour and the look of the place. Please restore it back to the way it was. It may no longer be in her possession, but it will forever be her home!

  • Beth - 4 years ago

    The wall are to dark dreary and it looks depressing. Put it back the way it was. Please and Thank you.

  • Mary - 4 years ago

    It's so dark and dreary it's depressing and ugly

  • joanne carter - 4 years ago

    yes have Jill put it back, its like taking away the Waltons house the story is not the same without the home.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    It may not have been so bad, but Billy had it so dark and made the home feel doomed. The home was always so inviting before. I use to love that old house. The darker Billy became, the darker his surroundings. Bring back the life in that house..

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