Is Taylor Swift Over?


  • d - 7 years ago

    the other comment says it all. calvin is acting like a cry baby high schooler who got dumped. btw taylor swift will never be over, calvin is just inspiring an even greater album.

  • Michelle - 7 years ago

    Honestly my only opinion is that a lot of this petty argument is one sided. You are either team Calvin, or team Taylor and that's stupid. If other news sources also think it's "stupid" then tell me, why are you just fueling the fire even more? Calvin was being petty, constantly throwing shade at Taylor, and what did Taylor do? Nothing. She moved on. If everyone wasn't 5 years old then this could be over with, but Calvin will not stop. If I had a bash party on social media every time I broke up with somebody, do you think people would want to date me? Taylor has talent. She CAN sing and she has great vocal range. She also happens to be a wonderful songwriter. How many artist can you say are like that? She cares about her fans and she does good things to help communities. It's not one "fandom" against another. Not all fans of Katy HAVE to hate all the swifties. If everyone were just civil human beings none of this would have even happened. This article was as stupid and petty as Calvin. Good job.

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