Who is lying?
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  • I'm Just Sayin - 6 years ago

    Taylor Swift is a liar. I never liked that she-devil anyway. I was just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. I knew I didn't like her for petty reasons in the beginning, but the truth is that I could just sense her lying ways. Taylor could have just said the truth. She was passive aggressive and wanted to be agreeable when Kanye called. After thinking over the lyrics. she realized that they do not show her in a good light and she changed her mind. She didn't have to act like she was blind-sided.

    But on some real shit, those lyrics are an example of why Kanye West is an asshole. He knows good music and he is incredibly honest (to a fault), but he's an asshole nevertheless. He basically has admitted to this. Kanye West went on TV and said Bush don't care about Black people. He had an interview where every one thought he was maniac because he said he felt like a God. Kanye is always just going to be honest even if it makes him look bad. SO I always knew Kanye was telling the truth.

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