Podigious 309 Ridiculous Dialogue Draft

  • [Ep 34] Beelzemon: “You guys make me want to throw up, kick your butts, then throw up again!” (Jacob)
    4 votes

  • [Ep 35] Beelzemon's ridiculous face while downloading Makuramon (Andrew)
    2 votes

  • [Ep 35] Rapidmon: “Henry, he loaded a Deva, just swallowed him up like an ice cream cone, so he’s gotta be stopped or we’ll all be dessert!” (Ashley)
    3 votes

  • [Ep 36] Kenta: “Where's Takato?” // Kazu: “I don’t know, maybe Sir Lancelot swallowed him” (Jeff)
    6 votes


Poll posted 3 years ago.

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