How Did The Yankees Do In The Aroldis Chapman Trade?


  • Dom gucci - 7 years ago

    Great move and now move the old farts.. Beltran,Texeria and A-Rod.....

  • JohnBoy53 - 7 years ago

    The net of last winters deal is....the Yanks got Starlin Castro for Brendan Ryan! Not bad,

  • chase thompson - 7 years ago

    What's unbelievable is who the Reds received in turn for Chapman in their trade with the yanks. Had the yanks 10th best prospect and some no names in return for arguably the best closer in the game whom brings fans to the ballpark. +1 Cashman -1 Jocketty

  • David R - 7 years ago

    Honestly, expecting a better return than this group for Aroldis Chapman -- without a guarantee of a contract extension -- is insane. Yankees made a good decision to deal him and got a lot of value in return.

  • Ed Corbett - 7 years ago

    The Yankees clearly got the better end of this trade. The only way this makes sense for the c
    Cubs is if Chapman signs an extension.

  • Tom DeLorenzo - 7 years ago

    Great deal by Cashman! Agree there is still more work to be done, wonder what kind of package they can get for Miller even though I believe they should hang on to him! How about Miller and Torres for Trea Turner, Gioloto, and Lopez from the Nats? We Yankees fans could dream lol.

    We'll see what the rest of the season brings but would be something if we could get Sale without offering Judge in a package.

  • Steve - 7 years ago

    Great move... we as fans know this as it sits can not contend... there are 8 more players that need to be.moved before monday!!

  • Philip - 7 years ago

    Excellent move. Also when he's a free agent and if Yanks try to get him there is no draft pick compensation attached.

  • Jack Sparler - 7 years ago

    In reality Yanks received the three prospects AND Starlin Castro for the 4 far lesser minor league prospects traded for Chapman (since Warren was swapped for Castro and is now back). That's a damn good return, in my opinion. Yanks have been in a rebuild for couple years now and have to do more, coupled with current minor leaguers advancing over next few years while replacing aging vets. Cashman has known for long time that he has to rebuild to compete with other well stocked teams. Still a ways to go. If done properly I see team on par with Sox, Cubs, et al in maybe 2- 3 more years. Patience is needed.

  • Jeremy - 7 years ago

    Good job especially for a reliever , the got someone to replace him in the bullpen in warren and got two prospects with huge upside plus another with decent potential not bad for a rental and a one or two inning pitcher

  • Sean Durden - 7 years ago

    How can anyone say the don't want to spend money? There is no way you can say that until the current large contracts expire, when they do they'll sign some of the best free agents available. Spending money now isn't possible with $100M/year tied up in 4 players. Once Arod, Tex and CC are gone they'll be freed up to spend on the best available. This trade was a great one especially if Aroldis resigns in the off season. They got him for next to nothing and got a great return trading him to the Cubs.

  • Monney - 7 years ago

    No brainier. Two years ago they had o farm system. Last year they bought nearly half the available top 30 international rated players to make their system top 10. This adds 4 more prospects, and they will simply buy him back in the off season as a free agent.

  • Paul Felici - 7 years ago

    The Steinbrenners do no want to spend money. Dark days are ahead. The bullpen was the only thing that made this team worth watching

  • Brian Lesnikowski - 7 years ago

    Would LOVE 2 C YANKEES trade for Chris Sale

  • Arnett - 7 years ago

    They should trade miller too at best tbey are a 500 team

  • Jaybird - 7 years ago

    Got a lot for a 2 month rental whether or not he brings them a ring. But the Cubs have so much depth, no other team could match that combination of talent. Yankees now have a new #1+4 on their prospect list and could still re-sign him in the off season.

  • Michael Ferrullo - 7 years ago

    Should of gotten more or a better return

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