Is the tension between determinations of the Hubble constant something to get excited about?


  • Lindsay Forbes - 4 years ago

    The tension is real and could be explained away as the gravitational pull of the cosmos. If the universe is much bigger and older than we thought. History supports such an assumption.
    It's an interesting thought experiment.
    One last thing. Please don't block. I'll not bother you again with this. Just the musings of an old cosmo nut.

  • David - 5 years ago

    As I told you before Hubble's Constant is 'fixed' at 70.98047. This is derived from a simple equation that only needs the value of a meg par sec, the speed of light, and Pi inputted. This 'elegant' equation is featured in 'The Principle of Astrogeometry' on Amazon Kindle at a price less that a Big Mac.
    The measuring of Hubble will be always subject to small errors, and so will always be up to + / - 2% in error of 70.98047. WMAP gave the most accurate result, but 73.2 is a tad high -a worse (error) result.
    This amazing little equation totally disqualifies fake big bang and all non-Creator hypothesis'. It's reciprocal of 13.778 BLY's is NOT the age of the universe, but the non changing 'Hubble Distance ONLY.
    All the contention between Planck, and the fool who now reckons it's 73.2 is meaningless, as it's merely basic measuring shortcomings PLUS not accepting the Creation account of Jesus (The universe Creator) in the Torah. You prefer fake human guesses instead of The Word of Creator Jesus -FOOLS indeed!!!
    The secular interpretations, ALL being fake, will just lead you up more 'blind alleys'. The Torah is your 'sat nav' of the universe, but you prefer to follow dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.
    Remember Hubble's Constant is 70.98047, so get used to that fact, David.

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