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  • Kelli - 3 years ago

    I think she should not have recorded the situation online, because you have people out here in the world who would not understand the way you discipline your kids. Parents who do not discipline their children physically or parents who have children who are rarely disobedient , obviously would not understand why a parent like this in particular, would discipline her child so tough. We all discipline differently and we can not judged by what you see on the outside especially when you have no clue of what's happening behind closed doors. Although this mother spilled her business out for the world to see, she will have many negative remarks thrown at her. Over all do not be quick to judge. "MOST" and I'm not speaking for all but most black Americans show tough love. So when a child acts out of character, especially when they know right for wrong, the consequences will be more than just, " GO TO YOUR ROOM, YOU'RE GROUNDED! It will be more like, " GO GET THAT BELT!" Also it also depends on the environment the parent was raised or this may be how she was taught to discipline her child in order to gain respect. Once again don't judge. We are not perfect and we all fall short. If this mother did not care then she would not have done what she did. You can hear it in her voice how hurt she is because of a silly mistake her daughter has done. We have no clue of anyone else struggle. The only thing kids she be afraid of when it comes to their parents, is when they have disobeyed and the parents find out. If kids disobey and are not worried about the consequences, their parents will bring, then the kids will have the power. By then you can't control the. Then they become the issue. But I guarantee you one thing, I bet the daughter won't let that happened again!

  • Leticia - 3 years ago

    This only teaches your children to solve problems with violence and anger! No one is saying anything how the mom was dressed, what she's shown her child through the years... You teach what you preach. I was brought up with abuse & violence and it took me to find good people down my path to teach me not to instill that in my children. I'm a single mom with 3 teens, one a daughter almost the same age as the girl in the video, and I couldn't be more proud of her. I'm there for everthing I can, volleyball, track, all school activities; everything I wished I had growing up. I made bad choices, dropped out, married young, stupidity at its best. I was fortunate to meet people from other walks of life, from other cultures who didn't have that kind of torment growing up.They had "normal" - that's what people should think - is this normal? If so, then lets praise the people beating their way through life, slapping down kids for drawing on the wall... We are a society who needs to teach respect - love & guidance. Teach morals from understanding and role modeling. The mom obviously was taught to beat and she needs to now be taught to discipline. Peace.

    Giving another meaning to Nawf Side. ;)

  • Nakisha - 3 years ago

    Yes I believe it was a little over board but you have to understand that this appears to be a single mom with a teenager girl that is clearly hurt by her child stupid stupid choice so with this being said the public should offer help to mother and child not a conviction for mother praying for them

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