Would you buy a paperback version instead of an e-book for you to read if it cost less?


  • Snorth - 7 years ago

    If a publisher wants my business -sell me an e-book at a reasonable price. If you don't, I will move on and find a new author. Publishers screw authors over on royalties all the time. Go indie or self publish, I will buy it if it's good.

  • Alice Welch - 7 years ago

    I would like to note that I always buy ebooks but if the paper book costs less I will pass on buying the book at all until the ebook price drops to lower than the paper price.

  • Teresa - 7 years ago

    Yep, I buy 99% Kindle now. The p-book print is too hard to read. I won't buy most Kindle books over 7.99, I'll wait until the price drops. Have been waiting for some mainstream authors for 3 years. Costs of 12.00 n 15.00 for a Kindle book are I sane. I simply will not pay it for a novel. They will lose my sales first. I will pay more for professional books and will buy some professional books and texts in p-book or hardcover. It's too bad for the big publishers. I spend on average a $100 or more a month on books but my money now mostly goes to indie, self-pub or Amazon authors.

  • Man in the Middle - 7 years ago

    The only physical books I will now buy at any price are ones I want to keep in my permanent library, which now fits easily on a single 18" wide bookcase, and won't ever grow larger.

    Rather, as physical books now there become available on Kindle at prices I consider fair (under $10), I buy the Kindle version and give away the physical copy. So over time my final remaining bookcase has become less and less full.

    That said, when I can buy a book I want for $4 including shipping for a hardback, there's no way I'll instead pay over $10 for a greedy publisher's Kindle version. Two books have been added to my bookcase for that reason in the past year.

  • Jennifer Martin - 7 years ago

    I only buy ebooks now, due to vision problems. Still have all my paper books, can't bear to give them up.

  • Harold Delk - 7 years ago

    The only backs I ever buy are software manuals and seldom those. I generally use the PDF version since it is searchable.

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