Are we slapping too many parking fines on vehicles in Ludlow?

  • Marilyn Gaunt - 5 years ago

    Rather than discussing Parking rules with Shropshire Council we should be petitioning for the transfer of the running of our Car Parks and On Street Parking to Ludlow Town Council, along with all revenues. The SCC are constantly asset stripping our town whilst at the same time wanting to transfer to it the cost of running of important Services. The Town should decide about Parking, and create the correct balance between income and threat to Businesses. Shrewsbury care only about income , not only from parking charges, but draconian applications of Fines. Income from this would go a long way to keeping our Library and internationally important museum collection, bus services and Assembly Rooms alive. There is a precedent. Keith Barrows old constituency of Oswestry controls and receives income from its Parking.what is stopping this?

  • James Caird - 5 years ago

    There is normally plenty of parking available in Ludlow in the evening. Most of the complaints are from people who know perfectly well that they are not parking in an appropriate parking place but think that in a small town they can chance it along with (seemingly) everyone else. It has been suggested that the car parks might be intimidating in the evening. I don't find this to be so but if they were better lit and used there would be improved passive surveillance. I don't agree with a touchy-feely hierarchy of control with an open-ended middle ground of technically offending but not causing a problem. This will always lead to differences of opinion. Acceptable places to park and their conditions should be clearly marked and nobody should be surprised if they break the rules.

  • Les - 5 years ago

    Some people have got into a habit of wanting to park wherever they wish and this is a real deterrent to others walking, relaxing and actually spending in our shops. I feel sad that wheelchair users and parents with buggies have to share King Street with cars and lorries ploughing through. Upper Broad Street and the Market Square can be equally bad. Inappropriate parking spoils Ludlow. Some drivers will not even walk a few steps from their vehicle. For example, almost any time of the day you'll find parked cars by the Thai take away and Munchies or by Budgens near where taxis stand and they create congestion and a hazard for other road users.

    I appreciate that it seems unfair when wardens discharge their duties; but parked cars everywhere, on pavements ,in loading bays, etcetera is ruining the relaxed feel of our historic town and it is getting worse. There has to be a balance; there will never be enough space for all residents and visitors to park in the very is a space for people to meet, chat, eat, drink and relax. It was not designed as a glorified car park.

  • Andrew - 5 years ago

    Can we please have official word from Shropshire Council on the exact rules regarding parking on the market itself and the area in front of the castle? I have asked two traffic wardens in town on separate occasions and they both told me that it IS permitted to park on the surface of the market after 6pm providing that the vehicle is not overhanging the 'footway' (pavement). I also asked about the paved area outside the castle and they seemed to say you could park there as well. Anyway, I parked my car on the market and they DIDN'T give me a ticket. But I have recently heard that people have had tickets who were parked fully on the market. I don't know whether that's the case but can we please have something official from Shrewsbury?

  • Wendy kirby - 5 years ago

    We need more visitors & the locals coming into town!! Getting a ticket will put people off. So People park on the square at night,i don't see a problem as long as there not obstructing anything. Is this because of people complaining who live in town?? AGAIN!! being able to find parking spaces in the day time can be an absolute nightmare. Parking should have been sorted years ago, you want more visitors sort the parking please.

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