Grade the 'Baby Daddy' Season 5 finale:


  • Cali - 6 years ago

    No I want Ben and reily to get back together but for her to stay pregnate that way they both have kids, or plot twist it's bens baby she's pregnant with

  • John - 6 years ago

    Ben should have ended up with Sam. I know she doesn't want children, there could have been episodes that show her growing really close with Emma. It would be great that the geeky guy end up with his dream girl from high school. They can always make her become pregnant which would change her mind about having children.

  • Dawn - 6 years ago

    I came across this show on Netflix and was instantly hooked. Even got some of my frinds hooked. Can not wait for season 6. So excited to see what's to come.. hope there's more seasons to come!!

  • Jake ryan - 6 years ago

    Just finished season 5 after 4 weeks of netflixing all 5 seasons hoping for a season 6. Glad to see there is one. Hoping to see more of Ben "the one" for him. Kinda thought he'd end up falling for the other pregnant girl before Sam but now that this other girl popped in I'm interested to see where that goes. Also maybe Tucker will find someone special..? Hoping for more episodes per season and more seasons to come!

  • Kala Wilson - 6 years ago

    I have been a fan since season 1, I would like to see more episodes in your seasons

  • Kathleen - 7 years ago

    I have been a follower of the show since the pilot episode. Watching season 5 finale I was freaking out a bit at the end because I hadn't heard of a season 6 yet. I googled A LOT to check into it and found this article! SO happy it's coming back! Thank you, Dan for being so brilliant.

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