Do you agree with President Obama's decision to commute sentences for drug offenses? (Poll Closed)

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  • Sharksteeth - 5 years ago

    President Obama was correct to commute the sentences he did. None of the communtations were done without due diligence. Our drug laws are terrible and costly. We need to get drug use out of the criminal justice system and treat it as a medical problem. Drugs should be available to those who want them from a source not related to criminal gangs. The policies in Portugal and some of the other European democracies come to mind. The problem is, is that getting rid of any "war" on drugs will break the rice bowls of a lot of cops, a whole bunch of arms dealers, and criminals who have influence over politicians. We are allowing huge profits to be made out of cheap crap that's only value is the fact that people desire it, and it is illegal and therefore highly profitable. Legalize the crap and then when the people come to source for it, treat them. Otherwise the cartels and the bloodshed will continue. As for Islander2 your remarks are ignorant in the extreme....

  • Barrigada - 5 years ago

    @guam veteran you didn't even answer yes or no. I think you need to take a pill chief cause your not that bright.

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    It depends on the drug offense . Was it for possession of a small or large amount of drugs ? Was it for trafficking drugs ? If the offense is minor then yes but if the guy was dealing drugs or busted for a large amount of drugs then no .. I think Obama is just trying to add something positive to his very negative legacy . He has devided our country , he has stoked a deeper racial divide . He has created a huge mess in the Middle East with Hillary Clinton , Obama has created the Muslim refugee crisis and also is responsible for the huge amount of refugees flowing into Europe destroying the image of Europe . Obama doesn't really have much positives under his belt except for having an inflated sense of political correctness that continues to influence his judgment and now backing his white clone Hillary for president . Lol ...
    Slowly more and more people are getting fed up with all the political correctness BS train .. God bless America !

  • freedomfighter - 5 years ago

    85% or more of drug offenders are serving time for simple possession on mostly marijuana charges. Yet a child rapist and murderer serves less incarceration. The key is to reform current drug laws that justify the crime. In fact, studies have concluded that a person serving time on marijuana charges are far more harmful that the crime itself. Now we know why most states have some form of marijuana law in favor of use, possession, sale and decriminalization. In short, the People are fed up of political rhetoric and bullshit.

  • Guam Veteran - 5 years ago

    The person who commented under the names of barrigada, barrigada2,

    Wow ! You completely missed the question on this poll, Aye adai ! and the only word you know is 'Idiot" to the describe other people who commented here . Respect other peoples comments . We live in a democratic society....need you be reminded .
    Your remarks show that you may be suffering from illiteracy, or perhaps the drugs has damaged your ability to comprehend ? .

    The question is: "Do you agree with Obama's decision to commute sentences for drug offenses ?
    It's a Yes or No answer .... and your comments are unrelated to the question Please understand the question before you comment..

    These drug dealers need to complete their sentences. Why feel sorry for them ! Let me remind you that they are the cause of all the crimes on mention a few : Robbery, Home invasion, Murder..Family Violence, and other drug related crimes etc...
    Their drugs have destroyed families, people have lost their jobs, property, etc..
    They have destroyed Guam and its People !

    Do these drug dealers deserve their sentences commuted, OMG ! Give me a break !!!!

  • barrigada2 - 5 years ago

    I beleive that especially here in guam we need more interventions and rehab programs. It all starts with casual then moderate to full blown addiction. With that said, you loose ur job and start peddling the drug to support ur addiction. Thank god he gave me a beautiful daughter to help me wake up and realize the life i was living. If it where not for that, id still be slanging and using. Not all people are fortuate enough to just stop completley, it haunts you. And if you dont have treament you loose everything. So that is why i agree with obama, more people just need help.........

  • Barrigada - 5 years ago

    You two are idiots

  • Guam Veteran - 5 years ago

    Obama's decision does not surprise me .
    In my opinion Obama is the worst and weakest President in the history of the USA !

  • Elvin Burkett - 5 years ago

    As always, a liberal looking out for the criminals while putting law abiding citizens at risk. WE NEED TO GET OBAMA OUT AND KEEP ALL LIBERALS OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT.

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