Which band has the coolest masks?


  • Amanda - 6 years ago

    Mushroomhead. Hands down. They're always changing it up a and painting their masks different. Every tour has an updated look. Plus they paint their masks themselves. Very cool. And a great group of guys. Don't care to hang with their fans. I've hung with a few of them myself. And I'm a chick, but I'm married, and they've always respected that.

  • Justin - 6 years ago

    Ripped off Mr Bungle. That's my opinion. But bungle should be on that list. Damn it

  • Justin - 6 years ago

    Gwar hands down, but there's one problem, how can you vote for slipknot when they clearly

  • Mel - 6 years ago

    GWAR doesn't wear masks

  • jim jones - 6 years ago

    GWAR doesn't wear masks..they are warriors from Antarctica and were born that way....others have followed in their footsteps

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    Actually every member of Ghost is masked. I don't understand how people don't realize that the singer (Papa Emeritus) is masked and not in makeup.

  • Mel - 6 years ago

    Why is Ghost up here? Not every member has a mask? And why isn't Green Jelly listed? Just saying....

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