POLL: Should Canada have a No Jab, No Pay law?

  • Fully vaxxed - 5 years ago

    65% of the people taking this poll like dead children. If you sugar-coat the response, they'll call it unhealthy and avoid it.

  • Rick - 5 years ago

    If you agree that the government owns your body, then you have ageed to slavery.

  • Mad as Hell - 5 years ago

    Insanity. Most "anti-vaxxers" were PRO vaccine until it damaged us or our children. I have read thousands of stories and they are all sad and all the same. The "One in a Million" kids is vaccine injured, is an absolute lie.

    We now have a nation of broken kids. Sick, allergies, developmental problems and on and on and on. Autism in 1 in 48 in the US. They can't tell us why so many kids are broken....but for some magical reason they know it is not the vaccines? How does that work?

    My parents had 3 vaccines. THREE. My generation has about 15 doses. Now in BC kids are getting over 40 DOSES. In the US they are getting over 60 doses in some places. It is TOO MUCH and it is just going to get worse.

    We have a word for when something forces something into your body. Do we want to be a society that forces itself on people?

    Forced medical procedures is the hallmark of a fascist regime.

  • Mona - 5 years ago

    Follow the money! Every website or quack fear-mongering about vaccines has something to sell.

  • Mona - 5 years ago

    In either case, Canadians are free to make medical decisions for themselves and their families.

    Vaccines are the most tested form of medicine. They are dramatically safer than the diseases they prevent. A retrospective study (of studies) covering 14,000,000 children found no increase in autism among the vaccinated. Because vaccines are given throughout childhood, it is easy to find that any given adverse diagnosis is "after," sometimes months after, a vaccination!

    No activity is risk-free, but the true medical statistics show that chance of death from a vaccine is less than one in a million while chance of death from measles is one in five hundred to a thousand -- it is literally a thousand or more times dangerous, not to mention the other consequences of measles, such as deafness. However, prenatal rubella was the prime cause of deafness. Schools for the deaf have closed because they don't have enough deaf children --what a shame. And the credit goes to vaccination.

    I had family members crippled by polio and dead of diphtheria. If the younger generation doesn't remember, it's time for them to do their real research into the history of why vaccines are so important.

  • Dr B - 5 years ago

    What your article didn't mention was the spike in vaccine injuries amongst previous non-vaccinating families. We have an appallingly deficient reporting system in Australia. Elderly reports of rapid-onset dementia are deliberately not being recorded. Deaths are not being reported.

    And you missed the vital key to this - the plan never involved the health of Australia's children.

    1. There is no removal of government payments - only an end of financial year supplement of a few hundred dollars. It does not seem to matter that newly affected families are now becoming homeless thanks to the new medical needs imposed upon them by vaccines received within the last few months.

    2. The bonus will be cancelled to ALL Australians by the end of this financial year. So people have been bullied, lives threatened - even children's lives threatened by rabid, misinformed parents who have sub-standard health levels within their own medical-dependent families - but EVERYONE will be affected by the end of this year.

    It's enough to make those of us who are professionals within the medical system walk away. There is another avenue you can investigate - how many of us do not vaccinate our children, or actively promote them at our clinics.

  • R McKnight - 5 years ago

    This has to stop, the Government is going out of their minds. I am a taxpayer, I have no say to where my taxes are spent by my government, people pay and pay to have less and less say. I am also a parent of a child who has Autism, I remember my cute little bright eyed boy meeting his milestones, then after his MMR at one year old we watched him enter his own world, staring off with blank expression.. The Government is making things mandatory and that is not democratic, what type of Country do we live in when corporations have more say than our government, where our government is bought by whom ever has the most money.. The Government does not raise our children, nor do they own them and even though I am a taxpayer I will gladly stop paying taxes and go off the grid just to stop feeding the insanity.. Global is a corporate owned media station, it too is biased, stop trying to manipulate the public, most of us have done the research we are not all brain dead media zombies. Every time I look around more and more people are becoming aware of the garbage the media is pushing.. The Truth is coming out more and more and it sure is not media revealing it.

  • Anita - 5 years ago

    The Australian Immunisation Handbook clearly states that there is no valid consent for a medical procedure where there is undue pressure or coercion. Which is exactly what this new legislation is. This article in the media states that valid medical exemptions still apply, this is a lie, medical exemptions are almost impossible to get, even if your baby stops breathing minutes after a shot you are expected to get the next round in a hospital with resuscitation equipment at hand. We have no vaccine injury compensation scheme here, a young dad, Ben Hammond, who became a quadriplegic after a coerced TDaP shot has been left disabled and unable to provide for his wife and family - no compensation whatsoever. Be careful what you wish for Canada.

  • Camper - 5 years ago

    My child, my choice. No government should have the right to mandate ANY kind of medical procedure. Vaccines are not tested with a placebo. If your child is vaccine injured, the medical "professionals" say it is coincidence. With a rate of autism of 1 in 45 and a prediction that this will increase to 1 in 2 by 2032, not even counting the allergies unheard of 20 years ago, Cancer rates, ADHD and autoimmune diseases going through the roof, it can no longer be termed a coincidence. The medical community and the government need to take responsibility. and the so called journalist should become real journalists and not be the pharma shills they currently are. The media are accessories to this fraud and should be held responsible as well.

  • Jillian Skeet - 5 years ago

    My children's health is not for sale - at any price - to the state or to pharmaceutical companies. My son could have died from the MMR vaccine. What a shameful abuse of power by Australia!

  • J. N. - 5 years ago

    This is a disgusting misuse of power in Australia. I certainly hope Canadians have more sense.

    We don't even have a compensation program for those who will certainly be injured. Even IF injuries are "one-in-a-million," that is *per shot.* How many shots are given in Canada every year? How many shots are given to infants their first year of life??

    Shouldn't those injured or killed for the "greater good" be compensated in Canada??? Why are Canadian lives not worth the same as lives in the US, where there is a compensation program (albeit an abysmal program, at best)?!

    What "benefits," exactly, would be taken away?
    What people need to understand is that government doesn't just "give us" those benefits out of the kindness of their hearts. Those are OUR tax dollars to begin with.

    I already homeschool because of the deplorable education system and their ongoing "lack of funding" for special education, all the while contributing my tax dollars to the "education" of others' children, without complaint.

    So just try to keep *more* of *my own money* away from me by holding vaccines over my children's heads and watch how I suddenly start making "less money" and paying less or how about no taxes.

    You want to dictate how my family lives and decides what to inject into our bodies or lose "benefits" that are really from my own contributed money? Fine. Go for it.

    I have absolutely no problem going off-grid, living "underground" while living next door, leeching off of all the tax-paying, vaccinating, unthinking, herd-following zombies. And none of them will be any the wiser.


    Your next door neighbor.

  • Rod - 5 years ago

    I have been anti-vaccine for about one year now. In that year, I have met many people with vaccine injured children. My comments will be brief - too many children have been injured in the past 20 years to ignore this subject any longer.

    We need to get the politicians (and Big Pharma's) money OUT of this debate. They make it too biased! Bring back the ability for these crooks to be prosecuted for lying and rushing these drugs to the market.

    Viagra took 10 years to get the market - average vaccine is 4 months! Think about that for a moment!

  • D. Ruprecht - 5 years ago

    Read the vaccine insert package. Absolutely no pharmaceutical or medical procedure is 100% risk-free. And where there's risk, there must be choice.

  • Anne - 5 years ago

    Parents should have the right to choose for their own children and their families.
    That being said, when vaccines are actually tested properly, when vaccine organizations are held responsible for their injuries and deaths, when the ingredients are actually tested according to injecting not ingesting and when given in combos....when aborted fetal DNA is not used and when animals are not tortured and killed for vaccines.... Only when vaccines are considered safe should they even be allowed!! But never ever forced.

  • James - 5 years ago

    No. It's unconstitutional to force medical procedures in Canada. This is sponsored by big Pharmacy in a push to drive up vaccine sales. This country is going down an extremely slippery slope. I hope those voting yes, understand what they truly are agreeing to... Your decision could effect millions of lives in Canada and not for the better. Vaccines are a failed fake science pushed by an industry hell bent on profits... WHY CANT 60% OF YOU SEE that? Vaccines due indeed cause Autism and the CDC covered it up.

  • Dave Parsons - 5 years ago

    Most people are fear mongered by the pro vaccine movement lobbyists.
    The fact is that until you have a child who is vaccinated, and changes before your eyes, and you as a parent are left to figure out what happened, then years later diagnosed as Autism, then told..." Not from vaccine"... You of course would not agree.
    One day, the truth will come out about the relationship between Autism and vaccination.
    That of course is my opinion, and my experience.

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